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Qualifying for online casino bonuses

By admin on 2014-03-20 11:46:00

Almost all the online casinos now offer welcome bonuses to new customers, most of which look very appealing when taken at face value. We should however remember the old adage that it is very rare to get something for nothing in this world, so our online casino tip this month is be very careful that you understand the terms and conditions associated with these online casino bonuses before you decide to accept any of them. Most welcome bonuses come in the form of a promise to match your initial online casino deposit with a 100% bonus, which effectively doubles the stake money you have to play the casino games of your choice. The first condition to be aware of is that almost all of these online casino bonuses have what are termed play-through requirements which define how much you need to gamble before you can take any money out of your account, usually a multiple of the initial deposit plus the bonus and often in excess of ten times that amount. This is of course designed to give the online casino a better chance of getting their money back. The next potential problem for the unwary is that there are also often restrictions on which casino games actually qualify for the play-through requirements, with many low risk casino games excluded. Even when playing a qualifying game such as roulette you may find that even money bets such as Red/Black o Odd/Even do not qualify for the play through. By all means take advantage of the online casino welcome bonuses but make sure you understand what is expected of you in terms of total money you need to stake, and whether the qualifying casino games are what you want to play.