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By admin on 2019-05-05 08:38:31

Over the last twenty years or so we have seen huge changes in the whole of the Irish gambling sector, most notably of course the introduction of online gambling. The first steps in this development were taken by the big bookmakers when they decide to follow the move towards internet shopping that they saw in the retail sector, and began to invest in the technology and software necessary to enable us to gamble online. The first online gambling sites were of course all aimed at the sports gambling community, but it wasn’t long before they site operators began to add a few casino games on those sites and begin what we now know as the online casino sector. During those early years the number of online casinos accessible here in Ireland was quite limited, and our online casino reviews here at were therefore also restricted to just a few sites. That naturally meant that the list of recommended online casino sites which we compile from the results of our regular online casino reviews was primarily focussed on sites operated by the big high street bookmakers and the newer internet only bookmakers who had joined them in the online gambling sector. If you look at our current list of recommended online casinos however you will see that the whole of the online casino gambling sector has changed beyond recognition from those early years. There are now a huge number of online casinos in the sector, and although not all of them are easily accessible for Irish casino games fans we still have far more choice than ever before. The reason for this rapid expansion in the number of online casino sites is that the bookmakers who began the development of online casinos have been joined by a number of specialist online casino operators who are focussed entirely on providing their customers with the best casino games they can find, rather than attempting to cover all aspects of gambling including sports gambling. These new online casinos have definitely increased the number and indeed the quality of the casino games we can play online, and they have also clearly increased the importance and the relevance of our regular online casino reviews. Whereas the first lists of recommended online casinos we were able to compile were the best from a limited number of options, nowadays our online casino reviews need to cover far more sites operated by many different companies.

Many of the online casinos operated by the big bookmakers are of course still featured on our list of recommended sites because they have been able to keep up with the changes introduced by the new entrants to the sector and keep their range of casino games up to date. The Paddy Power casino is a perfect example of an online casino which has changed with the times, and although they still source most of their slots games from the casino software company Wagerworks, their range of casino games still appeals to a very large audience. When it comes to online casinos operated by the high street bookmakers such as Paddy Power, they already have the brand awareness necessary to attract new casino games players to their site, whereas many of the new site operators are not so well known and rely on positive reviews from observers such as us here at to direct our readers onto their sites. To a certain extent that also applies to some of the internet only bookmakers who have never had any betting shops and are therefore less likely to well known among the general public. In addition to Paddy Power there can’t be many people in Ireland who regularly visit their local town centre who do not recognise another of the big bookmakers, Ladbrokes. The Ladbrokes casino is another of the original online casino sites which still deserves a place on our recommended site list, as is the Betfred casino operated by another bookmaker with a fairly significant high street presence in Ireland. Although they do not have such a strong high street presence in Ireland as Paddy Power and Ladbrokes, William Hill are still one of the best known bookmakers and undoubtedly one of the oldest having been founded as far back as 1934. The William Hill casino forms part of their overall online gambling site in the same way as many of the other big bookmakers, but they still offer an excellent range of casino games with many of their slots supplied by one of the most successful software companies, Playtech.

When it comes to the online casinos operated by the internet only bookmakers the Bwin casino is perhaps a good place to start. Bwin does not operate any betting shops but does offer a full range of online gambling options including both sports gambling and a good selection of casino games on the online casino section of their site. In fact Bwin claim to be the world number one in online gaming, including through their mobile phone gaming options. Another internet only company with a strong online casino site is the 888 casino. 888 operates a number of different online casino sites, includingCasino-on-Net, Pacific Poker and Reef Club Casino among a number of others.

Finally we should turn our attention towards the smaller specialist online casinos which our online casino reviews have identified as worthy of inclusion on our list of recommended sites. During the early years in the development of online casinos most of the site operators tended to select one casino software company to supply the majority of their slots games, but many of the new specialist online casinos have ditched that policy and now feature casino slots games from a variety of different software companies. Yako casino, Instacasino and CasinoLand are all online casinos offering an exciting range of slots and video slots from different sources. There is one other online casino on our list which offers something different, and that is the CasinoCasino site. In this case it is the only place where fans of the original slot machine games from Amatic Industries can play those iconic games online.