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By admin on 2019-03-10 11:25:37

Here at our primary objective is to do everything we can to help prospective new online casino customers enjoy the experience of playing casino games online as quickly and easily as possible. There is a huge range of different casino games on almost every online casino site nowadays, including all the more traditional casino games normally found in real casinos around the world. Clearly we would like everybody to be able to take advantage of being able to play the full range of casino games, but we know that many people in Ireland may never have had the opportunity to play some of these games before they became available online. That is why we have dedicated a considerable part of this site to detailing all the rules of those traditional casino games in the hope that new players will be encouraged to try them. Most online casinos now offer us the option to play their casino games in the free play mode so it is even easier to enjoy a wide range of different games. We also think that it is very important that new players are introduced to a number of different online casinos, which is why we carry out our regular online casino reviews so that we can compile a list of online casinos we can recommend to our readers. The most important feature of any internet site dealing with the public has to be privacy and security, particularly when that interaction involves handling their money. Before we even begin to examine the range of casino games offered by any online casino we need to be confident that the operator is using the best site management software and offers a safe and secure environment for their customers, particularly in relation to their personal and financial data. Only when we are confident that an online casino satisfies those criteria can we go on to the next stage of our online casino reviews, which looks at the casino games featured on the site. Clearly we all have different preferences as far as our favourite casino games are concerned, so what we are normally looking for during our reviews is the variety of games available on a particular site rather than whether our personal favourites are there. Almost every online casino offers a number of versions of the more traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker, so the biggest variety is almost invariably found in the range of slots games and video slots featured on each site.

Most online casino operators realise that it is the range of slots games they offer which is most likely to ensure that they can stand out from their rivals, so that is where most online casinos tend to concentrate their efforts. It is also why the casino software suppliers have become so important in the online casino sector, because almost all the slots featured on an online casino site were designed and supplied by one of the specialist online casino software companies. Clearly our online casino reviews also look at the quality of the graphics associated with the traditional casino games, but there is no doubt that it is the slots and video slots that define the ultimate success of a particular online casino site.

Ireland’s favourite bookmaker is undoubtedly Paddy Power, and the Paddy Power online gambling site also has a very successful online casino section with a wide range of different games. Most of the slots games featured on the Paddy Power online casino site are supplied by the specialist online casino software company Wagerworks. The long standing partnership between Paddy Power and Wagerworks has proved extremely successful and the quality and variety of their casino slots games have ensured that the Paddy Power online casino is probably the most popular in Ireland. Most of the original online casinos were of course operated by the big bookmakers and companies such as Ladbrokes and William Hill still have a significant presence in the online casino sector. William Hill mostly feature casino slots games supplied by Playtech nowadays, and some of these slots games are also now available on the Ladbrokes online casino site. Clearly for those people who enjoy both sports gambling and playing casino games, registering with one of the big bookmakers makes a lot of sense, but some of them tend to use the same software suppliers and there is therefore a certain amount of duplication when it comes to the slots games on the sites. The big bookmakers we have mentioned so far in this article all have large estates of betting shops either in Ireland or the UK, but the advent of online gambling has also led to the establishment of a number of online only bookmakers who also offer both sports gambling and casino gambling options. Bookmakers such as 888 Holdings and Bwin both now offer a full range of online gambling options, including of course many new casino slots games. The Bwin and 888 online casino sites have always had good reviews during our regular audits and have featured prominently on our recommended list for a long time. Whereas the online sports betting scene has now become relatively stable and dominated by large bookmakers, the online casino sector is still expanding and the big bookmakers have been joined by a number of specialist online casino operators with no sports betting interests at all. Many of these new online casinos have also moved away from the idea of offering slots games supplied by just one or two casino software companies. CasinoLand, Yako and Instacasino all now feature casino slots games designed and supplied by a number of different software suppliers, including for example Microgaming. The range of slots games offered by these new sites is therefore quite different from the more established online casinos. Before we close we should also recommend the CasinoCasino site, which is the first online casino to offer a full range of iconic slots games supplied by the famous slot machine manufacturer Amatic Industries.