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By admin on 2016-08-28 12:59:18

When online casinos were first introduced as an addition to the online sports gambling sites operated by the big bookmakers, it was probably a bit of a gamble on their part because nobody knew whether people would enjoy playing casino games online. We now know that a large number of people were attracted by the opportunity to play a wide range of casino games from the comfort of their own home, and as a result the online casinos have continued to develop and expand. Initially most of the players at the online casinos probably had some experience of playing casino games at a real casino, but they were quickly joined by large numbers who had never set foot in a real casino. It was these new casino games players that advisory sites such as were set up to help. We do this by explaining the rules of the casino games a new player is likely to encounter at an online casino site, and by regular online casino reviews in which we monitor and report on any new developments. The explanation of how to play the some casino games became more important as the online casinos developed because although most of the new games being introduced were slots games which required little or no instruction, the online casinos also offered us the opportunity to play a much bigger range of traditional casino games. In Ireland for instance we rarely if ever got the chance to play baccarat or backgammon in our real casinos, nor did we get much opportunity to play any of the many poker formats now available online. Our online casino reviews have also become more important and relevant as the online casino sector has grown. Initially all the online casinos were add-ons to big online sports gambling sites operated by the big bookmakers, and because many of these sites used the same or very similar online casino software they all had a similar look and feel about them. Over recent years however we have seen new specialist online casinos come on stream, and most of them have brought new ideas and of course new games to the market.

The big online casino sites are of course still very relevant and very popular with a great many people, particularly those who enjoy both sports gambling and playing casino games which they can do on just one site. In Ireland the most popular of these dual purpose online gambling sites is probably the Paddy Power site. Paddy Power have a big high street presence with a number of betting shops in most towns and cities in Ireland. They are also very good at drawing attention to their brand name with innovative marketing stunts. The Paddy Power casino is well managed and easy to navigate. The software is supplied by Wagerworks which means that the site has a wide range of casino games many of which will not be found on the other big online casino sites. Irish casino games players using the Paddy Power casino also have the added advantage that they can deposit and withdraw money from their account using cash at any of the company’s high street betting shops. The important option also applies to what is probably the second most popular combined online casino and sports gambling site in Ireland, operated by Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes also have a huge high street presence in Ireland and are probably at least as well-known as Paddy Power among the gambling population. The Ladbrokes casino is again part of their much larger online gambling site, offering their customers the opportunity to enjoy sports gambling and playing casino games with just one registration process. Ladbrokes even offer some finance gambling on their site. Most of the casino games are currently supplied by Microgaming, but last year Ladbrokes signed an agreement with Playtech so we would expect more changes to ensue.

Any discussion regarding big bookmakers offering many forms of online gambling on the same site would have to include reference to William Hill. One of the oldest and biggest bookmakers William Hill also offer a good range of casino games in the online casino section of their online gambling site. The casino software is also supplied by Playtech, the biggest and arguably the most successful online casino software company, and therefore provides an excellent range of games in a safe and secure environment.

There are of course several other online casinos on our recommended list that are operated by big bookmakers, all of which offer an excellent range of casino games along with the opportunity to gamble on your favourite sporting events on the same site. Every one of these online casinos operated by Bwin, Bet365, Betfred and 888 Holdings are well managed and offer all the features we have come to expect from our online casinos, such as Live casino and Free Play. They all deserve their place on our list.

Finally we should turn our attention to the new specialist online casinos, starting with the All Irish casino. Registered and licenced by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, in common with many other online casino operators, the All Irish casino have benefitted from tapping into the experience of a real casino operator in Malta, which has resulted in their brilliant idea of streaming their Live casino option directly from a real casino on the island. If you’re looking for the closest thing to a real casino experience the All Irish casino may be the answer. The All Irish casino have also elected to use software supplied by NetEnt, a well-respected but less well-known software supplier who have created a great range of new casino games.

The most recent significant new entrants to the online casino market are CasinoCasino and CasinoLand. Both of these new specialist online casinos have made it to our recommended list for slightly different reasons. CasinoLand has been designed to provide the widest choice of casino games possible, by utilising casino software from several different suppliers. Their casino games are supplied by NetEnt and Microgaming, plus contributions from Quickspin, NYX, Play n Go and Thunderstick making their range unmatchable in terms of variety. CasinoCasino on the other hand has been set up to provide access to casino games from Amatic Industries, the first time these iconic games have been available online.