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Online casino games are best funded by an e-wallet

By admin on 2012-09-04 13:51:29

One of the most important decisions new online gamblers face when they start to play casino games at an online casino is how they deposit money into their online casino account. It is a topic we regularly re-examine in these pages because we believe it is a decision that will have a massive influence on the enjoyment a new entrant to the world of online casino games will experience. Most online casinos offer a wide range of deposit options, including credit and debit cards and in some cases even cash through a betting shop. Cash is of course a very secure option, but we are not all in a position to take advantage of this facility. Most of us will use either a credit card or a debit card for every day online purchases, but funding an online casino account is a different matter because so many banks have decided that using a card, particularly a credit card for gambling purposes should incur additional charges which can be as high as 2% in some cases. Add to that the interest which is applied to a credit card cash transaction from day one and you are already facing a loss before you’ve placed a bet. The best online casino deposit option is without doubt an e-wallet such as Pay Pal or the lesser known but equally acceptable Neteller account. The Neteller e–wallet is operated by Neovia Financial plc and almost all the major online casino games operators are Neteller casinos and accept payments through a Neteller account. There are many advantages in using an e-wallet to fund playing casino games, not the least of which is the privacy it provides. Your bank will not know what the account is being used for, and the online casino will have no details of your bank account. A Neteller account can also be used for many other online transactions, and of course can be funded in any way you choose. Although we would never recommend using a credit card for gambling, it is an option if that is your preference and will not incur some of the additional charges.