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Online casino bonuses may not be what they seem

By admin on 2012-02-08 13:22:10

If you are a new visitor to this site, we will assume that you are either interested in how to start playing casino games at an online casino or you are simply looking for a new gambling experience. You will notice that we have compiled a list of online casinos which in our opinion offer the best online casino games experience coupled with a fair and safe environment. The choice of which of these online casinos you prefer to register with will depend on what casino games they offer, whether you like the graphics and possibly how easy it is to manage your account. Clearly all online casinos are competing for new customers, and one of the methods they all use to encourage us to gamble on their site is the introductory casino bonus. Online casino bonuses can appear very generous when compared to the free bets offered to new sports gamblers, but the terms and conditions of these casino bonuses are often very different. They usually take the form of a matching bonus in line with your initial deposit up to a maximum amount depending on which online casino you are looking at, but they also invariably include what is called a play-through clause. The play-through clause stipulates that the gambler must be prepared to stake a multiple of the initial bonus, maybe as much as 30 times, before any money can be withdrawn from the account. Clearly if these conditions can be accommodated within your planned casino games budget, these online casino bonuses can provide you with a significant increase in your available stake, and are certainly worth considering. We are certainly not dismissing these introductory casino bonus offers out of hand, because for many they do rightly contribute to their selection of which online casino site to use for their casino games, but generous as they may appear they do not suit every new casino games player. By all means take a look at the introductory bonuses on offer, but they are not always the best reason to select a particular online casino site.