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Online Bingo

Online Bingo has to be one of the easiest game to play, all you need to do is select your game buy your cards and away you go. Most online casinos have different “rooms” where different games are going on at the same time and your selection will be governed by the price per card and the type of game in play. Each card that you purchase has a predefined number of numbers printed on it, all cards in any one game have the same number of numbers; when the game starts balls with numbers on them are drawn in a random way similar to lotteries and the idea is to match the numbers on the balls to the numbers on your cards. Winners are those that match certain patterns of numbers on the card before all other players or indeed all the numbers on the card before other players. Jackpots are usually awarded when all numbers are matched before a certain number of balls are drawn. The most usual games have 75, 80 or 90 balls. There will generally speaking be a maximum number of cards that can be purchased in any one game. When a number is called (ie: a ball appears with a number on it) you should mark it off on your card(s); this is called daubing. In a Bingo hall the number of cards you play will often be determined by how proficient you are at checking and daubing your numbers within the time available but in online bingo you can click a feature called “auto daubing” which will do it for you and in fact even if you don’t daub at all a winning card is recognised by the software and you will be awarded any winnings anyway but this does rather take the excitement away from knowing that you are only one number away from a win.

Another popular feature of online bingo is the chat feature that enables you to chat with other players or the game moderator simply by typing in your message and sending it. All players use an alias so do not worry about other players knowing your true identity unless you have disclosed it yourself. Bingo is simple and a great way to spend a bit of free time; there is no strategy to it although we know that certain players have lucky or unlucky numbers and will not accept cards with those numbers on them in the same way that some folk thing that a certain number of balls in the game is preferable. The choice is entirely yours.