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One online casino offers 3-card Brag as a casino game

By admin on 2014-05-27 11:19:12

With the rise in popularity of poker brought about by the introduction of online casinos, it is easy to forget some of the simpler card games. For those of us of a certain generation we were brought up with card games such as pontoon and 3-card Brag, and whereas pontoon is now better known as the casino game Blackjack, 3-card Brag has almost been ignored by most of the online casinos. As far as we are aware only the Betfred online casino features 3-card Brag amongst their range of casino games, which is a pity because it is clearly one of the best introductions to the game of poker there is and great fun in its own right. If the casino game of 3-card Brag is new to you, we have detailed the rules on our individual casino games pages, but it really could not be easier. Each player is dealt three cards face down, and they then have the option to play the first round ‘blind’ without looking at their cards and at half the agreed table stake. When playing 3-card Brag at the Betfred online casino the players also have the option to change all three cards should they wish. The rankings of the hands in 3-card Brag are very similar to those in poker, with the top hand being three of a kind. Another clear advantage of playing 3-card Brag online for those players on a limited budget is that only three raises are allowed during each hand, minimising the risk of the pot getting out of control. If you are looking for a casino game which mirrors the excitement of poker, without the risk of exceeding your budget then 3-card Brag may well be the online casino game for you. Why not give it a try at the Betfred online casino site.