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Neteller remains a good online casino deposit option

By admin on 2013-05-02 09:26:08

Regular visitors to this site will know how much importance we place on the question of how to fund an online casino account so that you can play your favourite casino games as safely and securely as possible. Almost all the major online casinos provide a wide choice of deposit options because it is clearly in their interest to make funding an account as easy as possible for every potential new customer regardless of their circumstances. Nevertheless some of the options they provide do have substantial drawbacks for the individual casino games player which need to be highlighted. Highest on our list of dubious casino deposit options is the credit card, which if used to fund gambling at an online casino will almost certainly incur substantial additional charges levied by the bank or card issuer. These charges can often be as much as 2% of the transaction value, on top of which high interest rates will always accrue from day one because it is the equivalent of withdrawing cash on the card. Some banks will also apply additional charges if you use a debit card to fund an online casino account so let’s look at the alternatives. Irish casino games players do have the option of running their account with cash at most Ladbrokes and Paddy Power high street shops, but many of us find this inconvenient so the next best option is an e-wallet such as Pay Pal or Neteller. An e-wallet is effectively a separate bank account which can be used for any internet transactions, and most online casinos are happy to be both Pay Pal and Neteller casinos. Pay Pal is probably the best known e-wallet, but Neteller is equally secure and fully regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority and we know of many online casino customers who have two e-wallet accounts to separate their casino games expenditiure from other online purchases. Both of these e-wallet providers offer a secure and more importantly for many of us, a private online casino deposit option with no additional bank charges although some Neteller casinos do levy a small charge.