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The Live Online Casino option is a very welcome development

By admin on 2016-10-31 11:05:39

There have been casinos in Ireland for many years, but the legal requirements associated with casinos meant that their customers needed to be registered members for at least 24 hours before they could play any of the casino games on offer. This generally meant that the people who played casino games at a real casino tended to live within easy travelling distance of the casino, usually therefore in or near a big town or city. Clearly access to playing casino games such as roulette or blackjack was not easy for anyone who did not live near a casino and as a result playing casino games was not a widespread leisure activity. Nowadays of course most of us have access to the internet at home and we now have access to online casinos which offer a huge range of casino games for us to enjoy. As with most new developments the introduction of online casinos was not without its problems, and it took some time for elements of the graphics in particular to be accepted. This situation did however lead to the first of many new features introduced by the online casino operators, the Live Online Casino option. The first online casinos were introduced by the big bookmakers as add-ons to their online sports gambling sites, after which they all rapidly expanded with new casino games being added on a very regular basis. Most of these new casino games were slots games of various types, but it was the traditional game of roulette which caused the online casino operators the biggest problem. For obvious reasons the first customers of these new online casinos were people who already played casino games at a real casino, so the concept of using a Random Number Generator to select winning numbers was not universally popular. This was particularly true for online roulette because the computer graphics simply could not satisfactorily illustrate the movement of the ball on a roulette wheel moving to the selected winning number. There was already a certain amount of suspicion associated with the use of Random Number Generators, but this apparently strange behaviour of the ball on the roulette wheel only accentuated that suspicion particularly among people who were regular real casino customers. Clearly any business dealing directly with the public, particularly in the remote situation of the internet has to gain the trust of their customers, and something therefore had to be done. The answer was the introduction of the Live Online Casino option.

It was not long before all the online casino operators introduced a Live Online Casino option on their sites initially for roulette only, but we now see other casino games such as blackjack and baccarat also available as a Live Casino game. The first Live Online Casino feature was achieved by installing a real roulette wheel in a studio located in Eastern Europe and employing real dealers to manage the game, which was then streamed directly to our computer screens. This was a big move for the online casino operators because setting up a studio and employing real dealers clearly increased their overheads significantly, which is why most of them then went on to introduce blackjack and sometimes baccarat to their Live casino options to make full use of the facilities. Most online casinos now also offer the opportunity for players to communicate with the dealers during the games to make the experience as realistic as possible. As we will see later some of the newest online casinos have even gone one step further towards that objective, but first let us consider what some see as the drawbacks associated with the Live Online Casino option. As we have already pointed out setting up a studio facility and employing real dealers costs money, and the online casino operators have therefore needed to increase the minimum table stake for casino games played in the Live Casino mode. Those of us who played roulette at a real casino would probably be used to a minimum table stake of one euro, but one of the biggest advantages of playing casino games at an online casino is the opportunity to play for very low stakes, and this has encouraged more people to play games online. To their credit William Hill still allow a minimum table stake of 0.1 euro for their Live game of roulette, but most are now at least one euro. There is another element of playing roulette in the Live Online Casino mode which does not suit every new casino games enthusiast, and that is the speed of the game. Because the games are controlled by real dealers in a remote studio, the time allowed to place your bets is obviously restricted and similar to that in a real casino. Some would argue that this is even more acute because the dealer in a real casino can at least see what is happening on the table, whereas a dealer in a remote studio simply looks at the clock. Again those of us who are used to placing our bets on a crowded roulette table in a real casino may not find this time constraint too much of a problem, but some new players quite rightly enjoy taking their time deciding where to place their bets. The Live Online Casino option is a very welcome development for many of us who enjoy playing roulette online, but as we have seen it does not suit everybody and must therefore remain an option. It is also true that only Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and Betfred of the major online casinos enable the Live Online Casino option without the need to download.

As we have already said the concept of a Live Online Casino has now been taken one step further in the development of online casinos. The All Irish casino was the first to offer the opportunity for roulette fans to play the game as it is streamed from a real casino in Malta. The All Irish casino operators have arranged for roulette, blackjack and baccarat to be streamed live from the Portamaso casino in Malta, complete with all the atmosphere you would expect from a real casino. Why not give it a go if you miss the company of fellow casino games fans.