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By admin on 2019-04-15 15:13:47

Nowadays we are so comfortable with the idea of playing casino games at an online casino that it is difficult to remember the early days of online gambling. When the big bookmakers first began to introduce their online sports gambling sites they encountered very few problems regarding trust because most of their online customers already placed the sports bets with those bookmakers through their high street betting shops. It was only when they began to add a few casino games to those sites that people started to express any concerns about the fairness of those games. One traditional casino game in particular was the main catalyst for those concerns, and unfortunately for the site operators that was one of the most popular of all the traditional casino games, the game of roulette. In the long run of course those problems led to the development of what is now a very popular online casino feature, the live online casino option, but they could equally have derailed the whole concept of playing casino games online. For those of our readers who may not be aware of the reasons why the game of roulette presented such a problem and why it eventually led to the introduction of the live online casino feature now available at almost every online casino site, we need to explain how online casino games actually work. Almost every online casino game relies on a Random Number Generator or RNG to determine the winning numbers or combinations, and for most of the casino games featured online the players would not even notice that an RNG is being used because the computer graphics are so good at interpreting the result. Unfortunately when it came to designing the graphics to illustrate the game of roulette, the software designers were unable to satisfactorily simulate the movement of the ball on the roulette wheel as it moved towards and settled on the number selected by the RNG. Nowadays of course we would be perfectly at ease with those graphics because we are happy to accept that the games are honest and well regulated, but during those early days of online casinos the strange movement of the ball on the computer image of a roulette wheel was sufficient to create doubts in some people’s min’s. The online casino site operators could not ignore those doubts and knew that they had to respond and find a solution or the whole concept of online casino gambling could suffer. The solution was of course to enable their customers to play roulette in what we now call the live online casino mode.

In retrospect the live online casino feature appears to be an obvious solution, but it was not that easy to put into practice and still required new casino software to make it work. The idea was that the game of roulette would be played in a remote studio using real dealers and a real wheel, and then be streamed live to our computer screens. There were of course early teething problems but eventually the casino software companies were able to achieve the live casino option we can utilise today. Although the current version of the live online casino option clearly resolves all the issues associated with the use of an RNG for the game of roulette, it is however not universally popular for a number of reasons. Setting up and operating a remote studio and employing real dealers to manage the games is clearly more expensive than running a standard website, so some online casino operators have decided to increase the minimum table stakes for casino games played in the live casino mode. That goes against one of the principle selling points of playing casino games at an online casino, the fact that you can play the games for very small stakes. Many new online casino games fans were attracted to the online casino because they could enjoy playing for a reasonable length of time without the risk of losing a lot of money. Another inherent advantage of playing casino games online is that we can take our time and play at our own pace, but that is not possible when playing casino games in the live casino mode. Those of us who started playing roulette at a real casino will be aware of how frantic it can be placing multiple bets on a busy roulette table, but most new players will not have that experience and may not even want to play that way. In a real casino the dealers can see the players and can therefore pace the each spin accordingly, but in a remote studio the dealers have no choice but to run the game according to a pre-set time schedule, and that may be too fast for some players.

In spite of these obvious disadvantages the live online casino option is a very welcome development in the online casino scene, and for many players is the nearest experience they can get to the atmosphere of playing in a real casino. Recently we have also seen a few new online casinos attempting to try another approach to the live online casino experience, in this case actually streaming the games live from a real casino. Again there are disadvantages but it is certainly the closest yet to playing in a real casino. Most online casinos now offer a live online casino option for the game of roulette streamed from a remote studio, and many also enable their customers to play other games such as baccarat and blackjack with real dealers in the live casino mode. Some have even invested in the software which allows us to communicate with the dealers in the same way as we would in a real casino. All of these developments offer an enhanced experience of playing casino games online for those of us who may miss the hustle and bustle of a real casino, but many players will still choose to play the games in the standard instant or download mode.