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Don’t incur extra costs by choosing the wrong online casino deposit option

By admin on 2018-05-18 10:32:20

Almost all of us now conduct some form of financial transaction on an internet site, even if it simply taxing the car or paying for the TV license. Some of us go even further do almost all our shopping online, pay our bills and even manage our bank accounts via the internet, but whether we are regular users of the internet for online transactions, or only occasionally conduct financial transactions online it is to be hoped that we all take every precaution to protect our personal data as far as possible. We all know that internet fraud and identity theft are ever present threats whenever we go online even on social media sites, but the risks are clearly significantly higher if we are transferring money to an online supplier via the internet. We should also remember to take the same sort of care when we are spending some of our leisure time online, including of course playing casino games at an online casino or placing bets at an online sports gambling site. In fact when making deposits into an online casino account there is even more to consider than just protecting our personal security and data. Making the wrong choice from all the online casino deposit options available at every online casino can also cost you money unnecessarily. Every online casino offers a wide range of different deposit options so that they can offer a way for almost everybody to be able to fund playing their casino games, but some of those options are not the best choice for most people. All the online casinos will for instance accept almost every major credit card as an online casino deposit option, but whereas a credit card is often the best choice when purchasing goods online it is far from the best way to fund playing casino games online. Using a credit card for online shopping not only ensures that your current account details are not in the public domain, but there is also a built-in insurance element in case the goods or services turn out to be unsatisfactory. Unfortunately none of the credit card companies are willing to insure us against losing money playing online casino games, so that reason for using a credit card is irrelevant. Using a credit card as a method of funding an online casino account is also effectively gambling with borrowed money even if you always pay off the whole of debt at the end of every month. Rightly or wrongly the banks do not approve of us using their credit cards to fund any form of gambling, and will almost certainly apply a surcharge to any transaction of that sort. Using a credit card to deposit money into an online casino account is also considered to be a cash transaction in the same way as withdrawing money from an ATM, and will therefore also attract interest from day one at the usual high credit card interest rates. Surely winning any money playing casino games online is hard enough because of the normal house edge without suffering a 2% surcharge plus interest before even placing a bet. Here at we would therefore always advise against using a credit card as an online casino deposit option, particularly as every online casino offers a range of other better deposit options. Before we go on to discuss some of those more attractive deposit options we should also warn that some debit cards issued by banks in Ireland will also attract additional charges when used in relation to gambling because of the way they are processed.

Having started this article discussing the worst of the available online casino deposit options, we should go on to highlight what is undoubtedly the best option where it is available. Both Paddy Power and Ladbrokes have a large number of betting shops in Ireland and both of these bookmakers allow their online casino customers to manage their online accounts using cash at any of their betting shops. From a security point of view there is clearly nothing better than using cash as a deposit option because no one has access to any of your banking details, but of course it can only be done during opening hours and requires you to actually visit the nearest shop which may sometimes be a little inconvenient. The next best deposit option is probably an e-wallet account such as a Pay Pal account or a Neteller account, at least one of which is available at almost every online casino accessible in Ireland. An e-wallet account is an entirely separate bank account which can be used for almost any internet transaction including funding an online casino account. Once again your personal banking details are not at risk if you choose to use an e-wallet account because the site operator will only know the details of your e-wallet account. Another important factor for many people in favour of using an e-wallet as an online casino deposit option is that your bank will not know what you are doing with that account, increasing your privacy still further. Opening an e-wallet account is very easy and you can fund that account in any way you choose without compromising your personal security. If for some reason an e-wallet account is not suitable, there is another popular online casino deposit option available at most sites, and that is a pre-loaded card such as PaySafe or Ucash. These cards operate in the same way as the pre-loaded foreign currency cards that many of us use when travelling abroad on holiday. You simply transfer your stake money onto the card and use it in the same way as you would any other form of plastic. Again there is no risk that your personal banking details will be compromised because they are not available to any of the online casino operators you are registered with. There is also an added advantage to using a pre-loaded card as an online casino deposit option, because you can only gamble the money you have chosen to put on the card.