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Choose the best of the wide range of online casino deposit options

By admin on 2018-11-30 14:16:13

At this time of year many of us will be buying Christmas presents for our friends and family, and at least some of that purchasing may well be from an internet retail site. It is also the time of year when we are constantly being warned that the danger of being the target of online fraud is at its highest. Clearly using the internet is a very convenient way of buying a whole range of different goods and services, but we also know that it is potentially a greater risk with regards to our personal financial security and we should therefore be as careful as possible when paying for goods and services online. The same applies of course to managing an account with an online casino. In order to play casino games online we need to transfer money into the online casino account so that we have easy access to the stake money we need to play the games. Every online casino offers a wide range of deposit options to enable us to fund playing their casino games, but when it comes to choosing the best of those online casino deposit options it is not just the financial security aspect we need to consider, there are also additional cost implications associated with some of those options. As we have become more experienced in buying goods and services from internet sites many of us will nowadays always reach for our credit card for every online financial transaction, primarily because there is a built-in insurance element should something go wrong but also because it protects our current account details from being accessible online. Unfortunately using a credit card to fund an online casino account is undoubtedly the worst possible choice we could make out of all the deposit options that are available. Not only is using a credit card to fund playing online casino games effectively gambling with borrowed money, which is clearly never a good idea, it will also cost you even more money in additional bank charges. Here at we would of course never recommend gambling with borrowed money, but the banks go even further in their dislike of that sort of behaviour and most of them will impose surcharges of at least 2% on any credit card transaction involving gambling. Anyone playing casino games at an online casino will hopefully be very aware that there is a house edge built into every one of those games, so the odds are already slightly against us winning. It is therefore clearly not a good idea to choose a deposit option which puts you even further behind before you have even started to play, particularly when there are so many better deposit options available.

Before we go on to examine some of the other online casino deposit options we should include a word of warning regarding the use of some debit cards, particularly in Ireland. Selecting a debit card to transfer money into an online casino account is clearly not gambling with borrowed money and therefore should not attract any penalties. Unfortunately some debit cards in Ireland are processed through the same system as credit cards and because of that are still subject to unnecessary surcharges. One of the most popular of the alternative online casino deposit options is the use of an e-wallet account. Every online casino on our recommended list includes at least one of the popular e-wallet accounts in their range of acceptable deposit options. Pay Pal is probably the most widely recognised e-wallet, but a Neteller account is also commonly found on the lists of online casino deposit options. Setting up an e-wallet account is very straightforward and it can then be used for a wide range of internet transactions, including of course funding an online casino account. There are no additional charges and both your financial security and your privacy is far greater than with many of deposit options, because first and foremost the online casino site operator does not have access to your current account details and even more importantly for many of us your bank will not actually know what you are doing with the money in your e-wallet account. Another increasing popular online casino deposit option is the pre-loaded cash card. Many of us already use a pre-loaded currency card when travelling abroad on holiday or on business, and cards such as Paysafe and Ucash operate in much the same way. As with e-wallet accounts, using a pre-loaded cash card to fund playing online casino games is secure financially and offers almost total privacy. Using a pre-loaded card also helps to control your gambling budget because you can’t spend what you haven’t got in your account, so unless you make a conscious decision to load more money onto the card you can pre-set your maximum spend in any session. Used wisely an e-wallet account also provides a similar way to control and keep within a budget. There is one other online casino deposit option we should draw your attention to, and although it is not widely available it is certainly one of the best. Ladbrokes and Paddy Power both have extensive presence on our high streets here in Ireland, and they both allow their online casino customers to manage their online accounts using cash at any of their high street betting shops. Clearly in terms of protecting your financial data there is no better option than using cash to fund playing online casino games. It is also an excellent option in terms of your privacy, the only drawback being the inconvenience of having to visit the nearest betting shop. Managing your online casino account using cash through a betting shop is also only possible during opening hours which again some people might find inconvenient. On the other hand it is yet another way to ensure that you are not tempted to chase any losses and so exceed your budget. All the online casinos on our recommended list offer a wide range of deposit options but it is important to think carefully which is the best for you.