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The best online casino deposit option is undoubtedly an e-wallet

By admin on 2016-04-18 11:02:31

Here at we do all we can to help new casino games players in a variety of ways, but our most important advice has to be choosing the right online casino deposit option. All the online casinos offer a full range of deposit options ranging from all the major credit cards through to a selection of e-wallets, which are all clearly designed to enable their customers to deposit money into their account as quickly and easily as possible. Let’s start with the worst of all the online casino deposit options on offer, namely the credit card. Unfortunately since more and more of us are regularly purchasing goods or services online we have become used to reaching for a credit card for internet transactions, and in most cases there are good reasons to do so, but funding an online casino account is not one of them. Playing casino games using money transferred using a credit card is effectively gambling with borrowed money which is something we should never do, but it is also unnecessarily expensive. Using a credit card as an online casino deposit option will attract penalties in the form of surcharges applied by the bank, which can be as high as 2% of the transaction value, and on top of that will also be subject to interest charges from day one. The best online casino deposit option from almost every point of view is an e-wallet account. Opening an e-wallet account with Neteller for instance is very easy, and most of the major online casinos are Neteller casinos as are nearly all of the smaller specialist online casinos now entering the online casino market. A Neteller e-wallet account is more secure in terms of your personal data and provides considerably more privacy in your relationship with your bank. How you choose to fund your Neteller account is of course entirely up to you. You can even use a credit card if you must, although we would certainly not recommend that way to fund gambling on casino games.