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Baccarat is a very easy online casino game

By admin on 2016-01-11 10:03:23

Here at we do our best to provide information and guidance for potential new online casino games players, including an explanation of the rules of most of the casino games which can be found at an online casino. The vast majority of the new casino games which are being introduced by the online casinos are of course variations of slots games, most of which require no explanation at all, but the online casinos also offer a wide range of more traditional casino games some of which even experienced casino games players may not have had the opportunity to play before. The casino game of Baccarat for instance is played regularly in casinos in France and other parts of Europe, but is rarely if ever available in our Irish casinos. Baccarat is also a casino game which for some reason has become known as a game solely for high rollers, and extremely difficult to learn so that many potential players may not even consider having a go. In truth Baccarat is a very easy casino game to play online because the whole game is controlled by the dealer so the player does not need to know the rules of Baccarat at all. Certainly the rules are a little complicated but they are also very prescriptive and the dealer has no element of choice in how the game is played. When playing Baccarat there are only two hands of cards dealt, the dealer’s hand and the player’s hand, and there are only three possible outcomes. Either the dealer’s hand wins or the player’s hand wins, or very occasionally the hands may be tied. The player simply has to bet on which hand will win. As with all casino games there is always a house edge and statistically the dealers hand should be slightly favoured, but playing Baccarat is very much a game of chance apart from the rare occasion when the hands are tied is no more difficult than calling heads or tails on the toss of a coin.