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Are online casinos and credit cards compatible

By admin on 2013-07-21 13:53:30

In spite of numerous attempts to persuade our readers to give careful consideration to how they make deposits into their online casino account, we still unfortunately receive reports of problems resulting from the use of a credit card for this purpose. Credit cards certainly have their place when purchasing many goods and services over the internet, particularly when the intended supplier is new to us because of the insurance element built into the credit card agreement, but are they the best way to fund playing online casino games. All the online casinos offer us a range of casino deposit options, and they are all credit card casinos in that they all accept a range of credit cards to fund playing their casino games, but the problems are nothing to do with the online casino operators and everything to do with the banks. Let’s have another look at why we think that using a credit card is not the best online casino deposit option. Firstly, the credit card issuers do not like us using a credit card to fund gambling and almost all of them will immediately impose a surcharge of up to 2% on any transactions associated with gambling. Next comes another sting in the tail, using a credit card as a casino deposit option is considered to be a cash transaction and therefore incurs interest from day one adding a further unnecessary cost to your leisure activity even if you are always diligent in settling your account every month. If you add these additional costs to the house edge inherent in any online casino game, they make a substantial dent in any potential winnings. If you must use a credit card, make sure you use it to fund an e-wallet such as PayPal or Neteller, and use the e-wallet to fund your casino games. This is a simple process and will not only save you money but also increase your personal privacy in terms of what you choose to do with your money.