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Are online casino bonuses a reason to choose a site

By admin on 2013-08-04 10:02:30

The fact that you have visited this site would lead us to assume that you are interested in starting to play casino games at an online casino. Our primary purpose at is to help potential new online casino games players make the right choices regarding which online casinos are most suitable, how best to fund playing casino games online and to explain the rules of the most popular games you will find online. You will have noticed that we have compiled a list of the online casinos we believe are the most secure well managed sites available to Irish casino games players, whilst also offering a full comprehensive range of casino games. Log onto any of these sites and you will notice that they all attempt to encourage new customers with attractive welcome bonus offers, coupled with equally appealing opportunities to earn further bonuses as you play their casino games. These online casino bonuses always appear very generous at face value, but are they a good enough reason to select a particular online casino over any of the others on the list. Most of these casino bonuses take the form of matching your initial deposit with additional funds up to a maximum value, which can be as much as 100% in some cases, but they all come with specified terms and conditions some of which may not be suitable for many new casino games players. The most common of these conditions is the play through clause, which defines a multiple of the initial deposit plus bonus which the player must stake before any money can be withdrawn from the account, often as much as 30 times the initial deposit and bonus combined. For new casino games players with adequate budgets, the casino bonus offers provide significant extra stake money, but for many the play through requirements may be too onerous so remember that these online casino bonuses are optional and think hard before you agree to accept a welcome bonus.