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An e-wallet account is the best online casino deposit option

By admin on 2015-11-30 12:52:22

Once again our newspapers have been full of reports of cybercrime and the security of our personal information, particularly our banking details. More and more of us regularly carry out financial transactions online, whether it be purchasing goods and services, paying household bills or simply managing our bank accounts, all of which apparently increases our vulnerability to fraud. When it comes to playing casino games at an online casino we clearly have no choice but to open an online casino account and pay money into that account in one way or another, so what is the safest deposit option. All the major online casino operators offer us a wide range of deposit options, including credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets, and all of them obviously claim that they have systems in place to protect our personal data. Here at we regularly return to the topic of how best to fund playing casino games online, but we normally tend to concentrate on the comparative cost factors of the various online casino deposit options rather than the security issues. We always advise against using a credit card as an online casino deposit option because of the additional charges imposed by the banks and the high interest charged from day one. Our recommended deposit option from a cost point of view has always been to open an e-wallet account such as Pay Pal and fund playing your casino games from that account to avoid any additional gambling related charges, but what about the security issue. Fortunately we have to come to the same conclusion that the most secure online casino deposit option is also an e-wallet such as Pay Pal. This is because if we use an e-wallet the online casino operator has no access to your personal banking details, nor indeed does any other organisation with which you carry out financial transactions via an e-wallet. There is no reason why all of us should not use an e-wallet account to fund our online casino games because all the major online casinos are Pay Pal casinos.