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A tip regarding the online casino game of roulette

By admin on 2015-11-12 12:06:19

Regular visitors to will know that we enjoy offering what we hope are a few helpful online casino tips for new casino games players. Our casino tips can range from advice on responsible gambling and setting budgets to how to improve your chances of winning when playing particular casino games at an online casino. This article is going to concentrate on one of the most popular traditional casino games, namely roulette. On the face of it roulette is a simple casino game in which the odds of winning are plain to see because the pay-out for a particular number or set of numbers is directly related to the odds of that number or set of numbers coming up. The problem is that whilst that is true for each specific bet, most roulette players tend to place multiple bets on every spin so that the odds of winning can become less obvious. Multiple betting is of course the reason why roulette is so popular, but anyone who has watched roulette being played at a real casino will know that some players appear to get carried away in the excitement of the game. Yes they do get some return on more spins of the wheel, but that return can regularly be less than they staked. As an example let’s look at a simple double bet, say a bet on a row at 11/1 plus an even money bet on black as a hedge. If the bet on the row is successful but the number is red the winning odds are halved to 11/2, and if only the bet on black comes up you have actually won nothing. Undoubtedly roulette is a casino game which has a very small house edge compared to many other online casino games, but it I also a casino game in which it is easy to seemingly win regularly but lose money in the end because of over enthusiastic multiple betting without regard for the potential winning odds.