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The term casino games has been changed by the online casinos

By admin on 2014-02-10 12:19:27

One of the biggest effects of the introduction of online casinos to the gambling scene has been to completely change what we mean by the term casino games. For those of us who are old enough to remember the times when playing any casino games meant visiting a real casino, often many miles away and requiring each visit to be planned as a night out, the only casino games we could play were roulette, blackjack and occasionally poker. Most casinos did have a few slot machines but these were generally not particularly imaginative and certainly not promoted to any degree by the casino operators. Nowadays of course our choice of casino games online is huge, with most online casinos actively promoting their sites with an enormous range of slots games which in fact now almost define their identity. We can of course still play the traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack online, and we even have the choice of playing these casino games in the Live Casino mode, but there are also a host of other online casino games for us to enjoy in addition to the slots. There are for example several dice games available at most online casinos, including that American favourite Craps. There are lottery games and bingo in various forms, and last but certainly not least there is poker. Arguably the biggest change to casino gambling which has come about with the introduction of online casinos is the availability of online poker. There are numerous online poker forums for the more serious poker players, along with a variety of other poker formats such as 5 and 7 card Stud, and even 5 card Draw poker which is usually played against the house. In common with many other observers of the online gambling scene we at have had to revise our understanding of what we mean by the term casino games, all due to the power of the online casinos.