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The online casino software suppliers are increasingly important

By admin on 2019-01-05 16:45:06

In the early years in the development of online casinos there was far less choice as to which online casino we could access to play our casino games. In fact all the available online casinos were originally operated by the big high street bookmakers as part of their online sports gambling sites. They were soon joined by a number of internet only bookmakers most of whom also tended to concentrate their efforts on the sports gambling sector rather than providing the best range of casino games they could. That situation has now changed of course and all the online casino operators including the relatively new specialist companies now understand that the idea of playing casino games online appeals to a much wider audience than online sports gambling, and that the quality of the games is paramount in the success of any online casino site. The fact that the online casino site operators were beginning to realise just how important the quality of the casino games was to their business also led to the increasing influence of the specialist online casino software companies we have witnessed as the sector has developed. The range of casino games offered by most online casinos covers almost every type of game you could think of, from the traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack through to dice games and numbers such as bingo, but the vast majority of online casino games are now slots games in a variety of different forms. The slots games are where we see the effect of the operators’ choice of which casino software company to use on their site, because all the slots games are the product on the imagination and skills of the casino software designers. Every computer and every internet site needs good management software to make it viable, but the online casino sector is also dependent on the software for a large part of the product it is offering the public. That is very different from the online retail sector which only requires that the product is well presented on the site in a way that makes it appealing to the public. As we have already commented most of the early online casinos were operated by bookmakers, and they tended to rely on the same casino software company to supply both the management software and most of the slots games. That situation only really changed over the last few years when the new specialist online casino began to come on stream, and many of them began to offer a range of online casino slots games from a number of different casino software companies.

The biggest and probably the most influential casino software supplier is a company called Playtech. PLaytech was founded in Estonia in 1999 and began to supply online casino software in 2001. They have been amongst the first to introduce a number of new developments over the years, including the live online casino option with games streamed from a remote studio with real dealers. That was in 2003, the same year that they introduced their specialist bingo platform which is still one of the most popular today. The Playtech mobile phone gambling software was introduced in 2005 and the use of Random Number Generators was also approved and certified that same year, but their biggest coup in terms of the success of the business were the licensing agreements they signed with Paramount Digital Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment. Those agreements allowed Playtech to use a whole host of famous film and comic book characters in their slots games, and gave them a head start over their rivals. Playtech casino software is still used on the William Hill and Betfred online casino sites, and they have recently begun to provide casino games to the Ladbrokes online casino site as well.

The most well-known and popular bookmaker in Ireland is of course Paddy Power, and the Paddy Power online casino has used the casino software supplied by a company called Wagerworks almost from the beginning. Wagerworks was originally a subsidiary of Silicon Gaming, but is now a totally independent company concentrated solely on the design and supply of online casino software. The association between Wagerworks and Paddy Power has been very successful for both companies and the range of Wagerworks slots games featured on the Paddy Power casino site has proved very popular. Another bookmaker who’s online casino site has featured regularly on our recommended list for a number of years is Bwin. The Bwin casino uses another major casino software company, in this case it is the Canadian software supplier Chartwell Technolgy. Established as long ago as 1998, Chartwell now has employees all over the world including London, Malta and Singapore, and again is solely concentrated on the online casino software sector and the development of fresh and exciting casino games.

Another casino software company which has had a major impact on the sector for many years is Micrgaming. Microgaming is still a privately owned company and Is currently based in the Isle of Man, but it is credited with having one of the biggest ranges of casino slots in the industry. It is also one of the oldest companies in the sector having developed their first online casino software as long ago as 1994. By 2009 they had over 400 downloadable slots games and some 200 flash games on offer to the market. They currently supply casino software for the Ladbrokes casino as well as more than 120 other online casino sites and around 40 specialist poker platforms. You will also find Microgaming slots on the new CasinoLand site, although this time they will be found alongside games from a number of other different software companies. That is because the CasinoLand site is one of the new online casinos which uses several different oftware companies to provide their range of casino slots. Last but not least we should mention the range of slots games offered by the CasinoCasino site, which is the first time that the famous slot machine games from Amatic Industries have been available online.