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The Live online casino option is welcome but not popular with everyone

By admin on 2018-09-03 12:33:14

The idea of playing casino games at an online casino was almost accidental and was in effect the by-product of the leading bookmakers looking for a way to enhance their earnings from their online sports gambling sites. All the first online gambling sites were set up by the big bookmakers we know from their presence on our high streets, and for obvious reasons they were primarily targeted at their sports gambling fans. Clearly setting up an internet site to enable their customers to place their bets online rather than through a betting shop was a significant investment decision and certainly not cheap, so it was no surprise when those first site operators began to look for ways to increase their returns on that investment. In retrospect the idea of offering a few casino games on their sports gambling sites was probably the only serious option they had, but that decision certainly had the desired effect. Here at we have been monitoring the development of the online casino sector for many years and we have watched not only the range of available casino games expanding very rapidly, but also the number of online casino sites we can access here in Ireland. We have also seen how the online casino site operators and their specialist casino software companies have been able to improve the experience of playing some of the more traditional casino games such as roulette. We are referring of course to the Live online casino option which has become a common feature on almost every online casino site. Most of the casino games we can now play online were easily transferable to the internet format, but unfortunately that was not true when it came to the game of roulette. Almost every online casino game relies on a Random Number Generator to determine the winning number of combination and in most cases the graphics designers have no problem illustrating that result, but the movement of the ball on a virtual roulette wheel as it moved to the predetermined winning number was not so easy to illustrate satisfactorily. In fact even now nobody has yet been able to design the software necessary to replicate the movement of the ball on a real roulette wheel, but most online casino games players have now learnt to live with it and it is probably not now considered to be a problem. When online casinos were first introduced however there were many people who were not convinced that all the games were fair and above board, particularly because the use of Random Number Generators was also a new concept. The inability of the casino software designers to illustrate the movement of the ball on a roulette wheel simply added to those doubts in some people’s minds, so the online casino operators felt they had to do something to resolve the situation before the conspiracy theories spread and trust in their online casinos was damaged. The answer they developed was what we now call the Live online casino option which involves the streaming of specific casino games from a remote studio direct to our screens.
Clearly using a real roulette wheel and real dealers to manage the game resolves all the issues regarding the quality of the graphics, but it also increases the operating costs and this has in some cases resulted in the minimum table stakes being increased when the game is played in the live online casino mode. One of the most important advantages that online casino operators have over their land based rivals is their ability to allow us to play all the casino games for very small stakes, so any increase in the minimum stakes even if it only applies to one or two games will not be universally popular. There is also another reason why many people do not like playing roulette in the live online casino mode, and that is the timing of the game. Roulette is one of the most popular traditional casino games because of the excitement of being able to place multiple bets on each spin of the wheel, but although those of us who started playing roulette in a real casino will be accustomed to the hustle and bustle of placing bets on a crowded roulette table there are many new players who like to take their time deciding where to place their bets. That is not possible when the game is being managed in a remote studio because the dealers cannot see the players and therefore have to run the game according to a strict time sequence which in turn means that players have less time to place their bets. The Live online casino option is however offered by almost every online casino and naturally has its fans, but most players still prefer to play roulette online in the standard instant or download format. Having invested in the software, the dealers and the studio necessary to operate the live online casino option most online casinos nowadays also offer other traditional games such as blackjack and baccarat with real dealers, and many have added the option to chat with the dealers during the game in the same way as they would in a real casino.
Although the original reason to develop the live option was because of the perceived problems relating to the graphics associated with illustrating the game of roulette online, we are now used to the idea of playing casino games online and are more ready to accept the use of a Random Number Generator as a fair way of determining the winning combinations. It is therefore more than likely that people playing casino games in the Live online casino mode are doing so because it is closer to the experience of playing in a real casino. The logical progression therefore is to actually stream the games from a real casino rather than from a studio. That is exactly what the All Irish casino has decided to do, with roulette, blackjack and baccarat all streamed live from a real casino on the island of Malta.