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The latest live online casino option is good fun but not for everyone

By admin on 2018-10-01 12:55:42

Online casinos and the online sports gambling sites all have many advantages over most land based gambling options, but as with many other good things in life there are also downsides. As far as the advantages are concerned the most obvious one is the much bigger range of gambling options the online casinos and sports betting sites can offer compared to our real casinos and our high street betting shops. That difference is particularly noticeable in the huge range of casino games we can now play online with almost every online casino offering well over a hundred different slots games and some now even exceeding 200 different games. It is not just the massive choice of slots games however, there is now also a much bigger range of traditional casino games at most online casinos compared to the limited choice at most of our real casinos here in Ireland. Most of our real casinos simply do not have the floor space to offer us more choice than roulette and blackjack, whereas almost every online casino features baccarat, backgammon and even craps, all of which must be considered to be traditional casino games which are commonly featured in many casinos around the world. Playing casino games online is of course also very easy and very convenient, but does it provide the sort of excitement you get in a real casino or even a bingo club. Many people who began playing casino games in a real casino or bingo in one of the town centre bingo clubs would argue that it doesn’t, and they miss the atmosphere of a land based casino. That is one of the reasons why most online casinos now offer a live online casino option for some of their games. The other reason why we can now play some casino games in the live online casino mode is specifically related to one of the most popular traditional casino games of all, the game of roulette. The game of roulette has always been one of the most popular casino games in Ireland, partly because it was always available in all our casinos but also because roulette the traditional casino game with the lowest house edge and therefore theoretically the game which offers the best chance of winning. No doubt the statisticians among our readers could debate that all day, but that was not the main reason why the game of roulette was so instrumental in persuading the online casino operators to offer a live online casino option. The problem lay in the difficulties faced by the online casino software designers when they tried to convincingly illustrate the movement of the ball on the roulette wheel, which in turn led to doubts being expressed regarding the fairness of online casino games as a whole.

Almost all the casino games we play at an online casino use what is known as a Random Number Generator or RNG to determine the winning number or combination of numbers, symbols or even playing cards. For most casino games that does not present a problem and the computer graphics are very good at illustrating these games in such a way that we recognise it as close to the real thing. The movement of the ball on a roulette wheel however has proved to be a far more difficult thing to illustrate as it moves towards the winning number determined by the RNG, and in fact remains a problem to this day. Most of us are now so accustomed to playing casino games at an online casino that we are prepared to accept that it appears strange and no longer doubt the fairness of the games we are playing, but we have to remember that this problem first arose during the very early days of online casinos when most of the players had probably been playing in a real casino for many years.. Any doubts as to whether the games were fair needed to be addressed urgently or there was a danger that the online casino site operators would not see a return on their investment in the technology and software necessary to operate an online casino site. The decision to resolve the problem by streaming the game of roulette from a remote studio using a real roulette wheel and real dealers was probably fairly obvious when we look back on it, but it was a big step at the time and clearly increased the site operators costs because they were back to having a fixed premises which would require maintenance and to employing more people. Nevertheless that decision had the desired effect and offered a different experience for the doubters.

The live online casino option was quickly extended to cover blackjack and sometimes baccarat using real dealers, and many online casino site operators have since added the option to communicate with the dealers during play as many people enjoy doing in our real casinos. The live online casino option is not however universally popular and there are drawbacks. The most obvious disadvantage is that because the cost of operating casino games from a studio is higher many online casinos have increased the minimum table stakes for games played in the live casino mode. There is also another potential problem when playing a game such as roulette when it is being streamed from a remote studio, and that concerns the timing of the game. Roulette is popular because it allows multiple bets to be placed on each spin, but that takes time. How much time it takes depends on the way the player wants to place their bets, but because the dealers in the studio cannot see the players they need to run the game according to a pre-set time span for each spin and that is too quick for some players. We started this article by discussing the atmosphere of a real casino compared to playing casino games online, but the latest live online casino development at the All Irish casino has taken the idea one step further and is actually streaming roulette, blackjack and baccarat live from a real casino in Malta.