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Our regular online casino reviews are becoming more interesting

By admin on 2017-05-07 09:56:35

Some recent reports have tended to suggest that more people are gambling than ever before, and this increase is being blamed on a whole range of things from television advertising to online gambling sites. One thing is sure and that is that the history of gambling goes back many hundreds of years and is certainly not a new invention of the twenty first century. Many of the casino games we now enjoy have their roots in gambling games that were played by what we now refer to as ancient civilisations such as the Romans, Greeks or even the Persian empires, and all these people clearly enjoyed gambling on any form of competitive event. Because gambling has always been in our blood as human beings, if there has been a recent increase in the number of people gambling it is more likely to be due to the much bigger and more accessible range of gambling options we now have than any form of persuasion from advertising. Satellite television has made a huge range of sporting events easily accessible from our own homes, and because we can now watch these events we are clearly more likely to have a flutter on the results. As far as the effect of the internet is concerned, it is certainly now easier for sports gambling fans to place bets on their favourite sports online rather than needing to go to their local betting shop, and that may well encourage more people to place a bet. The biggest influence of the internet however is probably to be found in the availability of online casinos and the huge range of casino games they all feature. Here at we have been publishing the results of our online casino reviews for many years now and we have seen how they have developed from being just a few gambling games added to an online sports gambling site, through to the latest specialist online casinos which concentrate all their efforts on their range of casino games and do not offer sports gambling options. When we first started to compile our list of recommended online casinos, our online casino reviews were restricted to the casino games offered by the big bookmakers as part of their online sports gambling sites because that was all that was available at the time in Ireland. Nevertheless most of these sites expanded very rapidly and quickly began to offer well over a hundred different casino games for us to enjoy. Most of these games were of course slots games in various forms, and these were supplied by specialist online casino software companies. The quality and the variety of the casino games therefore depended totally on the software supplier chosen by the site operator, so our online casino reviews at the time were mostly a critique of the casino software used by each online casino site.

Even now the casino software companies have a huge influence on the online casino sector, and one or two of them have become very powerful indeed. The biggest software company of all is Playtech which now supplies management software and casino games to both William Hill, Ladbrokes plus an input to a number of other sites operated by the leading bookmakers. In the early days of online casinos the biggest worry we had as a result of our regular online casino reviews was that the dominance of one or two major software suppliers was gradually reducing the variety of casino games offered by the different online casinos. It was becoming harder to find fresh new games because the same games were featured on several sites.

The most popular online casino site in Ireland is of course the Paddy Power casino primarily because of their big presence on our high streets, but it is also true that Paddy Power have always had an interesting range of casino games on their site because they chose to use software supplied by Wagerworks rather than one of the bigger companies, and were therefore able to offer some slots games which were not available on other sites. The more recent All Irish casino has also been able to achieve that by using casino software from a company called NetEntertainment, or NetEnt for short. NetEnt is a well-respected Swedish casino software company with a reputation for exceptionally high quality graphics, but they have also designed an excellent range of casino games for the All Irish site. The All Irish online casino is also an excellent example of how the more recent entrants to the online casino sector have brought a different approach to playing casino games. For many years the live casino option offered by all the online casinos was achieved by streaming the games from a studio using real dealers, but the All Irish casino has taken it one step further by actually streaming the games live from a real casino based in Malta. What better way to enjoy the atmosphere of playing casino games in a real casino without leaving home.

Many of the other new online casinos have also provided online casino games fans with much more choice by featuring casino games supplied by a number of different software suppliers. CasinoLand, Instacasino and Yako all offer a variety of slots games designed by different software suppliers, so that we have a much wider selection on each site. Another of the new specialist online casinos is the CasinoCasino site, and for those of you who were or still are fans of the iconic slot machine games supplied by Amatic Industries, you will now be able to play some of those games online for the first time at Casino Casino. The scope of our regular online casino reviews here at has expanded quite a lot over the last couple of years, and we have been particularly delighted to welcome and report on all the new specialist online casino sites which are now available to Irish casino games enthusiasts. Let’s hope we will continue to see new innovations and of course games being introduced on a regular basis.