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Online casinos now offer Live casino games

By admin on 2014-07-20 10:00:53

The online casinos have now been with us for a number of years during which they have not only established themselves as part of the mainstream gambling scene in Ireland, but they have developed and improved their range of casino games dramatically. They have also responded admirably to their customer’s concerns in many areas not least in the way some of their casino games are presented. Those of us who started playing casino games at the beginning of the online casino era will remember the mutterings from some quarters about the behaviour of the ball on the roulette wheel graphics due to the use of Random Number Generators to determine the winning number. There were even suggestions that the game was fixed. The online casinos could have ignored these concerns but thank goodness they didn’t, and instead brought in the Live casino option to combat the criticisms. Most online casinos with a Live casino option now use real dealers based in a studio somewhere in Eastern Europe and stream video of a real roulette wheel being spun to obtain the winning number. Real dealers are also used for customers to play blackjack in Live casino mode, and we can now even communicate with the dealers electronically should we wish. The All Irish casino has even gone one step further in their Live casino option by actually streaming their casino games from a real casino based in Malta. Clearly the Live casino is still an option, and roulette and blackjack are still available on most online casino sites in the RNG format for those not willing to play for the increased minimum table stake necessary to counter the increased overheads of paying real dealers and maintaining the studios. At least we now have a choice.