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Online casinos have changed what we mean by the term casino games

By admin on 2018-01-18 11:40:42

Before the advent of online casinos, here in Ireland the term casino games would almost certainly be understood as referring to either roulette or blackjack. We do not have any Mega casinos like those in America, and because our real casinos are so much smaller they simply do not have the floor space to offer what many in other parts of the world would consider to be a full range of casino games. It is only now that Irish casino games enthusiasts have access to other traditional casino games such as craps, baccarat and backgammon, all of which are often available in casinos around the world. When the leading bookmakers decided to add a few games to their online sports gambling sites they quickly discovered that there was a huge potential fan base for the idea of playing casino games online, so they began to add more games and the concept of online casinos was born. All the original online casinos remained part of big online sports gambling sites for many years, and it is only comparatively recently that the sector has seen the arrival of the specialist online casino sites we have today. Much of the success of the first online casinos was down to their decision to target existing groups of potential casino games players. The traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack for example already had an enthusiastic following among regular visitors to our real casinos. The large number of bingo fans were also catered for with a variety of different numbers games based on the concept of bingo, and then of course there were the slots games. The traditional casino games clearly did not need to be designed or invented in any way, but the slots games presented a whole different challenge to the original site operators. Every internet site set up to deal directly with the public must have good operating software capable of handling financial transactions safely and securely with adequate data protection safeguards. The online casinos are no different and also need good software to carry out those tasks, but the casino software designers are also responsible for most of the casino games featured on our online casinos, particularly the slots games. Transferring the traditional casino games onto our computer screens was mostly a simple case of creating acceptable graphics to illustrate the game, but the huge range of slots games we now expect to be able to play online almost all needed to be designed from scratch. As online casino games fans we can all be grateful that the big bookmakers who first began to introduce a range of games on their sites decided to invest in adding more and more games, but none of that would have been possible without the casino software companies. Their importance was such that a few of them grew to become as big if not bigger than the bookmakers operating the online casino sites. Playtech for example quickly became the dominant force in the online casino software sector because they were able to negotiate licensing agreements with some of the leading media companies. This allowed them to design slots games based on popular film and cartoon characters, as well as comic heroes. The vast majority of the casino games featured on almost every online casino site are slots games in a variety of different forms, so the ability to offer slots games based on many different themes was very important. Every online casino operator wanted as many different slots games as they could, so the software companies became more and more important to the success of individual online casinos.

Although most of our real casinos do usually offer their customers a few slot machines to enjoy, we have never really considered them to be casino games because the same machines could also be found in our pubs and clubs. The introduction of online casinos has however changed the whole concept of what we now consider to be casino games and the slots games may now even be the most significant of all the games we put in that category. In truth of course many of the slots games we can now play at the online casinos bear no relationship whatsoever to the games we used to play on slot machines. Many feature as many as five reels with multiple winning lines for each spin, and one or two do not even use reels at all, they feature a system of falling blocks instead.

We have already commented that most online casinos offer a full range of traditional casino games as well as the hundreds of slots, and that some of these can only be played online by Irish casino games fans. For some of us the ability to play casino games such as baccarat online has been something of a revelation. Baccarat has always had the reputation of being a complicated game for high rollers, but we now know that it is no such thing. It is very actually one of the easiest traditional casino games to play because there are only two hands in each game, and all we have to do is bet on which of those two hands will win. We do not need to know any of the rules of baccarat because the game is totally controlled by the dealer. Craps is also very easy to play particularly if you are familiar with playing roulette, but there are also some of the traditional casino games which are more challenging. Backgammon for example requires both luck and skill, because although the number of moves a player can make is decided by the throw of the dice, the way they move the checkers on the board is equally important. Last but not least of the traditional casino games we can now play online is the game of poker. In fact poker has become so popular among online casino games players that there are now even specialist online poker sites where serious poker fans can test their skills against other players around the world.