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The fact that you have reached us here at indicates that you are interested in the idea of playing casino games online, and we therefore hope that we can help you get started. This site was established with the sole intention of providing potential new online casino games players with as much information as possible in the hope that we can ensure that starting to play casino games online is an enjoyable and stress free experience. We have included the rules and some strategies relating to most of the traditional casino games you will find on the online casino sites, and we also regularly advise on the best ways to make deposits and fund playing the huge number of games you will find on those sites. According to a large number of our regular readers however it is our online casino reviews that provide the most useful information, because they help people choose the most suitable online casino for their personal priorities. Ever since we established this site in the early days of online casinos we have been using the information gained from our regular online casino reviews to compile the list of recommended online casinos featured on our home page. The rapidly increasing popularity of playing casino games online has however led to many more online casinos becoming accessible to Irish casino games enthusiasts, thereby increasing the number of online casino sites we need to review and of course lengthening our list of recommended sites. The first online casinos were all operated by the leading bookmakers as part of their big online sports gambling sites, and although they did start to invest in providing more and more games their online casinos were still almost a sideline, with most of their energy being put into the sports gambling element of the sites. It was only when it became apparent that playing casino games online was at least as popular as gambling on sporting events that the bookmakers really began to concentrate on the range of casino games they offered, and our choices became seriously bigger. Over the last couple of years however the online casino sector has changed dramatically. We are no longer limited to playing our casino games at one of the multiple option sites operated by the big bookmakers, they have been joined by a whole new range of specialist online casinos concentrated solely on providing interesting and exciting casino games rather than trying to cover every aspect of online gambling on the one site. These new online casinos have also significantly increased the range of casino games we can play, particularly the slots games which of course form by far the largest part of every online casino’s range of games.

When it comes to providing a range of casino games for an online casino, it is of course the specialist casino software companies which design and supply those games. That means that our online casino reviews are not really monitoring the work of the online casino operators, they are actually examining the innovation and skill of the casino software designers. Even in the early days of online casinos the success or failure of those sites was more dependent on the operator’s choice of software supplier than anything else. William Hill for example chose to feature casino games supplied by Playtech, which has since become by far the most dominant casino software company in the sector. Paddy Power on the other hand decided to use Wagerworks to supply their casino slots games, and most of their casino games are still supplied by Wagerworks. The other big bookmaker with a large high street presence in Ireland is of course Ladbrokes. Initially when Ladbrokes began to offer casino games on their sports gambling site, they were mostly supplied by Microgaming, but Ladbrokes now also feature slots games from Playtech. All of these online casino sites operated by the big bookmakers still feature highly on our recommended list of online casinos available in Ireland, but our online casino reviews have identified an increasing number of excellent new sites which are also more than good enough to be included in that list. The All Irish casino for example offers an excellent range of slots games supplied by a different casino software company, NetEntertainment, which also has a well-deserved reputation for the quality of their computer graphics. The All Irish casino also offers a fresh approach to the idea of playing roulette in the live casino mode by actually streaming the game from a real casino in Malta. It is fresh ideas like that from the new online casino site operators which have made the online casino sector more exciting over the last few years, and of course also made our online casino reviews more interesting. Two other new online casinos, the Free Spins casino and the No Bonus casino have both also brought a fresh approach to the sector. Here at we often warn new players to be careful when considering the welcome bonus offers common among many online casinos, so both of these new online casinos are to be congratulated for opting for a different approach. Three other new online casinos have also provided casino games fans with a new experience. The Yako casino, Instacasino and CasinoLand all offer a range of casino slots games supplied by a number of different casino software companies on the same site, greatly improving the diversity of casino games they are able to offer their customers. As we have already said the vast majority of the casino games available to play at the online casinos are slots games, and they are obviously also the most popular games played online. Here in Ireland we have enjoyed playing slot machines for many years, but the slots games available online are often very different from the slot machines we are used to. Serious slot machine fans will of course continue to have their favourite slot machine games, and most will probably know the iconic games supplied by Amatic Industries over the years. They will therefore be pleased to welcome another new online casino, CasinoCasino which features many of those iconic games online for the first time.