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Some online casino bonus offers are not suitable for everyone

By admin on 2018-03-07 13:23:24

Recent news regarding further problems for two more high street retailers based mainly in the UK reminds us of the importance of marketing, quality and customer service in the sort of competitive environment all businesses face today. Clearly the growing influence of the internet is an important element for any high street retail business to consider, but there is also stiff competition from their high street rivals particularly when money is tight and people have less disposable income. In that situation the most obvious and also the most common marketing tool used by most high street retailers is a holding a Sale and discounting some prices to entice people through their doors. Low prices are however not always an effective way of competing with rival businesses, particularly when the primary opposition is the internet retailers because they can generally afford to keep their prices lower than those on the high street as a result of their lower operating costs. That brings us back to the increased importance of quality and customer service when operating in any competitive environment. For instance when it comes to a business environment such as the online casino sector these two factors are almost certainly the most important elements of a successful marketing strategy. Price comparisons are irrelevant in the online casino sector and the only financial factor used by any of the online casino operators is the online casino bonus. Most online casino operators now offer some form of online casino bonus to attract potential new casino games players to their site, but to be honest there is usually very little difference between them so how effective they are in terms of competing with rival sites is debatable. Innovative bonus offers from the online sports gambling sites can sometimes be an effective tool in that particular online gambling sector because they are generally simple and easy to understand. Paddy Power for instance often offer a cash back deal relating to particular sporting events and results and many of the other big bookmakers also sometimes offer free bets, but all of these incentives are easy to understand and come with very few terms and conditions. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for many of the online casino bonus deals available at our online casinos, particularly when it comes to the most common of those online casino bonus offers, the welcome bonus offering to match a new customer’s initial deposit. This form of online casino bonus is common throughout the online casino sector and is usually advertised as a promise to match a new customer’s first deposit with a 100% matching bonus, thereby doubling their available stake money to play the casino games featured on the site. Some of these welcome bonus deals also offer a reduced level of bonus applied to the second and even the third deposits made by the new player, but they all come with a list of terms and conditions which must be both read and more importantly understood before any bonus is accepted.

Clearly the idea of being able to play casino games with money given to you by the online casino operator is on the face of it a very attractive proposition, but we should also remember the old saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The sting in the tail for some potential new casino games players who may be attracted by one of these bonus offers can be found in the associated terms and conditions, the most important of which is what we call the play through requirement. This condition defines how much a player needs to bet on playing casino games to qualify for the bonus and withdraw any winnings from their account. The play through requirement is usually expressed as a multiple of the total of the initial deposit plus the bonus, and is generally at least a multiple of twenty. For the less mathematically inclined of us, that means that if we make an initial deposit of say 20 euros and then add the bonus of a further 20 euros making 40 euros in total, we would be expected to wager at least 800 euros on playing casino games before being allowed to withdraw any potential winnings. There is often also a time limit placed on the play through requirements which can add even more pressure on the player. Add to that the fact that some online casinos also list a number of casino games which do not qualify fully towards the play through requirements and you can see just how important it is that the terms and conditions associated with this type of online casino bonus are fully understood. There are probably a great many potential new online casino games players who would not dream of betting 800 euros on playing casino games under any circumstances, let alone simply to receive a bonus of 20 euros. Equally there are clearly many others for whom such a bonus may be a very good deal. It is important to stress that here at we are not in any way criticising the online casino operators for attaching these terms and conditions to their online casino bonus deals, and we fully understand that if they are offering to finance new casino games players with their money, they need to encourage those players to stay on the site for as long as possible. We just want to ensure that the implications of those terms and conditions are fully understood. At this point we should probably point out that not every online casino offers this type of welcome bonus, preferring a different approach to competing for our attention. The No Bonus casino for instance offers an innovative cash back deal for any of their new or existing casino games players who have a run of bad luck. Any player who loses the whole of a deposit on the same day receives a 10% cash back the following morning, no strings attached. The Free Spins casino is another site which does not offer bonus deals, preferring to enable free spins instead.