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New online casinos have brought us even more casino games

By admin on 2017-09-28 14:03:18

When considered in relation to our gambling history as human beings, online gambling is a very new development. It is still less than twenty years since the first online gambling sites became available in Ireland and considerably less than that before there was any degree of choice in terms of which site to use. Here at it is of course the introduction and development of the online casino sector which is our main interest, but we also have to recognise that it was the leading bookmakers who were the first to introduce the idea of playing casino games online and therefore created the first online casinos. When the big bookmakers took the plunge and decided to invest in the technology and software necessary to operate an online gambling site, their first potential customers were naturally identified as being their existing sports gambling customers. It wasn’t long however before the site operators started to look for other ways to profit from the success of their investment in online gambling, which led to their decision to introduce a few games onto their sites. This decision was so successful that all the leading bookmakers who were operating online sports gambling sites began to follow suit and the concept of an online casino was born. Since those early days we have seen a massive increase in the number and variety of casino games available for us to play online, and perhaps more significantly a big increase in the number of different online casino sites we can access here in Ireland. The first online casinos operated by the leading bookmakers as part of their bigger comprehensive online gambling sites are all still accessible and now offer a much wider choice of casino games, but they have been joined by a number of smaller specialist online casino operators over the last couple of years so that we now have an even wider choice of games and online casino sites to choose from. Choosing which online casino site to use is of course a very personal decision and we all have our own different priorities and requirements to help us make that choice. The online casino operators try to attract us to their sites by offering a range of welcome bonus deals, but many of these are very similar in structure and may also not be as good a deal as they might appear. As far as we are concerned at by far the most important feature of any online casino has got to be the quality and enjoyment factor of the casino games offered by the site. The only other important aspect to consider when comparing one particular online casino with another is the quality of their financial management systems and the personal security they offer. In that respect we believe that all the online casinos we feature on our recommended list pass that test, so once again the choice between them is down to whether you enjoy their range of casino games. As the number and variety of online casino games has increased, so we have tended to refer to them all as casino games, but the vast majority of the games we now play at an online casino were never found in a real casino in Ireland. There are of course many of the traditional real casino games featured on most online casino sites, but there are also several numbers games based on the ever popular game of bingo, plus of course a huge range of slots games based on a variety of themes. The online casino operators have been very successful in designing their range of casino games so that they appeal to a wide range of tastes. Those who were regular visitors to a real casino will not only find their favourite traditional casino games of roulette and blackjack, but they can now also play craps, baccarat and even backgammon at most online casinos. All these traditional casino games could be found in real casinos across the world, but they rarely featured in our real casinos here in Ireland due to lack of floor space. As we have already said most of the online casinos have also successfully targeted the thousands of bingo fans who used to make the regular weekly trip to their local bingo club, and of course most of us have enjoyed playing a slot machine at some time in our lives although we have never had the sort of choice now offered by the online casinos.

It has not been all plain sailing for the online casino operators however, and they have had to adapt and develop new ideas to reach the level of success they now enjoy. Most of the casino games we can now play at an online casino have been quite easy to adapt for that purpose, but one traditional casino game in particular proved a bit more difficult to transfer to the online mode. The game of roulette and in particular illustrating the movement of the ball on the roulette wheel proved to be very problematic. Almost all the casino games we play online are controlled by what is called a Random Number Generator (RNG), which is used to randomly determine every winning number or combination. Unfortunately the computer graphic designers were never able to satisfactorily replicate the movement of the ball on a roulette wheel as it made its way to the winning number determined by the RNG. This forced the online casino operators to offer an alternative solution to the real roulette fans who could never quite come to terms with that situation, and led to the introduction of the live online casino option. Their original solution was to stream roulette from a remote studio with real dealers and a real roulette wheel, but even this has developed still further with the All Irish casino featuring roulette and baccarat streamed live from a real casino in Malta. The online casino operators have chosen their casino games well and responded to the needs of their customers. That is why they have proved so successful.