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Make sure you choose the right online casino deposit option

By admin on 2016-01-29 10:17:36

One of the most common problems faced by potential new casino games players when registering with an online casino is the question of how to deposit stake money into an account. It does not have to be a problem of course, but choosing the wrong deposit option can be a costly mistake for the unwary or uninformed. All the major online casinos offer a wide range of deposit options designed to make it as easy as possible for us open an account with them and start playing their casino games, but some of these options are better than others. For example almost all the online casinos available in Ireland are Visa casinos and accept a Visa credit card as a deposit option, but the banks do not like us using a credit card for the purpose of gambling and to be fair to them using a credit card to fund playing casino games is effectively gambling with borrowed money which is never a good idea. If you do decide to use a Visa credit card as an online casino deposit option the bank will undoubtedly then apply a surcharge of up to 2% on the value of the transaction, as well as charging interest from day one because it will be considered to be a cash transaction. All casino games players understand that the online casinos already have a house edge on all their casino games so to face a further charge for using a credit card makes winning even more difficult. Even using a debit card as an online casino deposit option will sometimes incur additional charges of this sort, so let’s look at the alternatives. The best deposit option by far is to open an e-wallet account with Pay Pal or Neteller and use that account to fund playing your casino games. This method of funding an online casino account not only attracts no additional charges, but greatly enhances your privacy and security. You can then fund your e-wallet account in any way you choose, although we would still advise against using a credit card because the interest charges will still be applied from day one.