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The live online casino option is a popular way to play some casino games

By admin on 2017-04-17 14:59:34

There has never been any doubt that sports gambling and in particular gambling on horse racing has been a popular leisure activity in Ireland for a very long time. Greyhound racing is also making a comeback since the tracks have been upgraded, and many more of us are now enjoying a good night out watching greyhound racing and sampling the much improved hospitality facilities. Gambling on sporting events however is not the only gambling activity with a long history in Ireland, we have also been keen bingo fans for many years and although the smoking ban clearly had a significant effect on the attendances at our local bingo clubs, such is the love of the game in Ireland that our bingo clubs are also recovering. The reason for pointing out the range of gambling activities which have always been popular in Ireland is to help explain why online gambling is growing so rapidly in this country. When the big bookmakers realised that they could no longer ignore the increasing popularity of the internet, and decided to set up their own web sites to enable their sports gambling customers to place their bets online rather than having to go to a betting shop, there was never any doubt that it would be a popular decision. Not only were keen sports gamblers delighted with the convenience of being able to place their bets from home, but they suddenly had a far bigger range of sports and sporting events to choose from. The next stage in the development of online gambling was to prove even more popular across a much bigger section of the population. The bookmakers decided to make the most of their investment in internet access by adding some games to their sports gambling sites, thereby creating the first of what we now know as online casinos. Not only were their sports gambling enthusiasts easily persuaded to have a go at playing a few games, but the range of online casino games introduced even in the early stages also included the game of bingo, appealing once again to a well-established fan base. The online casinos of course had even more scope to increase the range of casino games their online customers could play and most of the big online casino sites now offer up to two hundred different casino games on their sites. Most of these casino games are of course slots games of one sort or another, but the online casinos have also been able to offer traditional casino games fans a much bigger choice. These traditional casino games enthusiasts represent the other well established group of gambling fans in Ireland, the real casino members. The convenience factor and the increased range of casino games proved just as popular with this group of gambling fans as any of the others, but some were not as easily convinced of the merits of playing casino games online, particularly when it came to roulette. Here at we have always admired how the online casinos have constantly developed new ideas since they started, and the live online casino option is a typical example of their willingness to learn. Some experienced roulette players were not happy with the fact that the computer graphics proved incapable of reproducing the movement of the ball on a roulette wheel. In response the leading online casino software supplier Playtech decided that the best answer was to develop a live online casino option as an alternative to the standard online game. This entailed streaming the game of roulette from a remote studio using real dealers and of course a real roulette wheel. Most online casinos now offer this form of live online casino option for the casino games of roulette, blackjack and baccarat, but although it is clearly an excellent way to resolve the problem with the graphics for roulette it is not universally popular.

One of the major advantages that the online casino sites have over their land based rivals is the much lower overhead costs they incur because they do not need a property. This means that they can afford to let us play their casino games for very low stakes. Operating a studio with real dealers however increases their costs quite significantly so most online casinos have also increased the minimum table stakes for anyone playing casino games in the live online casino mode. There is also the question of timing. Those of us who are used to playing roulette at a real casino will know how hectic placing multiple bets on a roulette table can be, and how little time we sometimes think we have. Many new roulette players have been attracted to playing the game online because they can take as long as they like to place their bets, but that is not true if they decide to play in the live casino mode. The dealers in a remote studio cannot see the players, and therefore have to manage the spins in line with a pre-set time limit on placing bets. Although a few online casinos still let their customers play roulette in the live online casino mode for relatively small stakes, they all impose a time limit on how long players have to place their bets.

The introduction of the live online casino option was one of the first significant developments in the online casino sector, and satisfied the concerns of some roulette players who were used to playing at a real casino. Since then there has been another development which enables online casino games players to experience an even more realistic casino atmosphere. The All Irish casino have taken the live online casino option one step further by actually streaming some casino games live from a real casino based on the island of Malta. All Irish casino customers can now play roulette, blackjack and baccarat in real time in the company of players in Malta. That has to be the closest you can get to the real experience without leaving home, and another welcome option.