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The Live online casino option is increasingly popular

By admin on 2016-05-12 10:21:28

There are very few activities that have not been affected by the internet over the last few years, including of course gambling. Along with many other high street businesses our betting shops have seen a substantial decrease in attendance since the introduction of online sports gambling, and the bingo clubs have also suffered for a variety of reasons including online casinos and the huge range of casino games they offer. The one area of the gambling sector which appears to have escaped the impact of modern technology relatively unscathed are the real casinos. In spite of the relatively limited range of casino games we can play at a real casino we clearly still enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of playing casino games in the company of like-minded people. When online casinos were first introduced their first customers were mostly people who already played casino games such as roulette and blackjack at a real casino, and they were attracted by the ability to play a huge range of casino games without leaving home. However it soon became apparent that playing casino games at an online casino was not the same. First we had the controversy of how the graphics associated with roulette illustrated the movement of the ball on the wheel, but many also missed the interaction with the dealers and their fellow gamblers. In response and to their credit the online casinos introduced the Live casino option for casino games such as roulette and blackjack. Initially this was done by employing real dealers to operate a real roulette wheel or blackjack table in a studio, usually somewhere in Eastern Europe, and screening the casino games live from there. Some online casino operators then added the facility to chat with the dealers through the site and the Live casino option became increasingly popular. The latest adaptation of the Live casino option was introduced by the All Irish casino, who actually stream their Live casino games from a real casino in Malta, adding even more of a realistic atmosphere to playing casino games online.