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The live online casino option has developed still further

By admin on 2017-01-23 12:14:29

The speed at which online gambling has risen in popularity is quite remarkable because it really is not that long ago that a few of the leading bookmakers decided to invest in setting up the first online gambling sites. At first these sites were aimed at their existing sports gambling customers, and the combination of convenience and a bigger range of sports gambling options proved to be a successful draw. In fact the idea was so successful that those bookmakers with a large estate of betting shops had to think very hard about how they were going keep them viable. Their solution to the problem was of course the introduction of the highly controversial fixed odds betting terminals to their betting shops. These are the machines which enable people to play gambling games such as roulette for a wide range of stakes, but critics think that the highest stakes are too high. Here at we try not to get involved in these arguments because our primary interest is clearly in online gambling and more specifically online casino gambling. The reason we raised the topic is that the next stage in the development of online gambling also involved the introduction of gambling games, this time as extra options on the online sports gambling sites. Again the idea of being able to play what we now call casino games online proved a success on a number of levels. At first it was of course the existing customer base of sports gambling fans who started to play casino games, but they were quickly followed by regular customers of the real casinos because as well as the increasing range of slots games which were being introduced they could also play a range of traditional casino games online which were not available in most Irish casinos. Last but not least of the existing games fans were the bingo enthusiasts who were attracted by a variety of numbers games similar to bingo. Since those early days in the development of our online casinos there have been a number of improvements to the experience of playing casino games online, none more so than the live online casino option. The live online casino option first came about in response to doubts being raised as to the validity of online roulette with the winning numbers being selected by a Random Number Generator or RNG. The first RNG was of course the machine used to select the winning Premium Bonds, nicknamed ERNIE, but nowadays almost all the casino games available online use a RNG the select winning numbers or combinations. The problem with roulette was that the computer graphics were not capable of satisfactorily illustrating the movement of the ball on the roulette wheel heading towards the chosen winning number. For many people this did not matter, but those roulette fans who were used to playing the game at a real casino they at best found it irritating, and at worst suspicious. The answer was the live online casino, the original idea for which is generally credited to the casino software supplier Playtech.

The first live online casino options were made available by setting up a remote studio, often somewhere in Eastern Europe where wages were lower and employing real dealers to run the game with a real roulette wheel in the same way as it would be run in a real casino. The games were then streamed live from these studios to our screens. This method of providing their roulette fans with the live online casino option was quickly picked up by all the leading bookmakers who were operating the online casinos at the time, and the live casino option became a common feature on every site. Having gone to the expense of employing real dealers and the overheads associated with the studios, most online casino operators started to offer the same option on other casino games such as blackjack and occasionally baccarat. Again the idea of playing these card games with real dealers appealed to a certain group of casino games fans, but for several reasons the live online casino option is not universally popular. One of the advantages of playing casino games such as roulette at an online casino is that you can take as long as you like to place your bets on the table. Those of you who have played roulette at a real casino will know how frantic it can be on a crowded table, but when the game is being controlled in a remote studio there also has to be a limit on the time between spins because the dealer can’t see the players. The other important factor in the increasing popularity of playing casino games online is that the table stakes can be very small indeed, and very little money can give you hours of fun. Unfortunately the increased overheads associated with operating a studio and employing real dealers has resulted in most online casino site operators increasing the minimum table stakes for games played in the live casino mode to more like those found in a real casino. Having said that we should applaud the William Hill casino for not yet increasing their live roulette table stakes.

The online casino sector has of course developed still further since those early days, and we now have a number of new specialist online casinos whose sites do not offer any sports gambling options and are concentrated solely on providing exciting casino games. As you would expect these new sites also have a number of new ideas, one of which is a new way of playing casino games such as roulette in the live casino mode. The All Irish casino has taken the concept to its logical conclusion and now offers their players the chance to play roulette, blackjack and baccarat in the company of other casino games fans playing in a real casino based in Malta. You actually play the games at the same time as the customers of the casino with the games streamed live to your screen. The atmosphere is great and it’s also great fun.