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It is important to choose the right online casino deposit option

By admin on 2017-12-29 10:18:16

At a time of year when many of us will have purchased Christmas presents online, and hopefully not suffered any problems in doing so, it is still important that we do what we can to avoid any disappointments. The internet is a very useful tool which helps us in many day to day activities, but we all know it is also open to fraud and identity theft if we are careless. Anyone banking online or shopping online will hopefully know how to protect themselves, but it is all too easy to be careless when it comes to our leisure time. Clearly the fact that you have reached this site here at means that you are at least interested in playing casino games at an online casino, so a few words of advice may be useful. Once you have chosen which online casino sites have the best selection of casino games to suit your taste, there is one other very important thing you need to consider before you can start playing casino games, Although some online casinos allow us to access most of their site without needing to register, they nearly all require us to open an account and deposit a sum of money into that account before we can play their casino games. There are one or two exceptions to that general rule which allow us to play some of their casino games for free, but for most of us the primary enjoyment of playing casino games lies in risking our money in the hope of winning some more. Every online casino offers a very wide range of deposit options designed to make it as easy as possible for any of us to open an account and pay in our stake money, but there is no doubt that some of these options are not as good as others. The first option we should discuss is the use of a credit card as an online casino deposit option. Many of us have become accustomed to using a credit card every time we do a financial transaction online because of the built-in insurance cover should anything go wrong, but that insurance element is totally irrelevant when it comes to making a deposit into an online casino account. Not only have we now dismissed the only advantage which might be gained from using a credit card, but there are also significant disadvantages to consider. First and foremost using a credit card to fund playing casino games is actually gambling with borrowed money, even if you intend to repay it in full every month and is therefore never a good idea. There is however also another reason why choosing to use a credit card as an online casino deposit option is not a good idea, and that is the additional costs you will incur. The banks also make it very plain that they do not like us using a credit card for anything related to gambling, and they do that by automatically imposing a surcharge on any such transaction. That surcharge will almost certainly be 2% and may even be more than that. If that unnecessary cost of using a credit card as a deposit option does not concern you, there is also a further additional cost to add into the equation because the banks will treat the deposit as the equivalent of withdrawing cash from an ATM using a credit card. That means that you will incur interest charges from day one at credit card rates. It is therefore extremely difficult to identify any good reason to use a credit card as an online casino deposit option, particularly when there are far better options available. Clearly using a debit card as a deposit option would at least mean that you were not gambling with borrowed money, but some banks may still apply a surcharge because of the way their debit card transactions are processed and it also means that you are providing the site operator with your current account details. It’s time to take a look at some of the alternatives we have available to us, most of which would be a far better choice than either a credit card or a debit card.

The first alternative we should consider is what is called an e-wallet account. An e-wallet account is effectively a separate bank account designed specifically to enable us to carry out internet transactions as securely as possible. Many of us who regularly purchase goods online will already be familiar with a PayPal account, and this is just one type of e-wallet account. Almost every online casino will accept at least one of the major e-wallet accounts as a method of funding our playing of casino games, and there are many reasons why it is a good deposit option. The most obvious is that the online casino operator has no access to your personal banking details, nor does your bank know what you are using your e-wallet account for. Both of these factors are important plusses as far as your privacy and personal security are concerned. There are also no additional charges for using an e-wallet account for gambling and you can fund the account in any way you choose, including a credit card if that is absolutely necessary but we would never recommend that option. There is another equally satisfactory online casino deposit option available at most online casinos and that is the pre-loaded card. Many of us will be aware of the concept of a pre-loaded card from using a similar card to provide us with foreign currency when we are travelling abroad on holiday, but there are also other cards which can be used to transfer funds to an online casino account. Paysafe and Ucash are two examples of a pre-loaded card which can be used as an online casino deposit option, and of course they offer the same privacy and security features as an e-wallet. A pre-loaded card is also an excellent way to ensure that you do not exceed your budget when playing casino games.