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It is important to choose the right online casino deposit option

By admin on 2017-12-01 16:18:46

There are many things about how we celebrate Christmas which are entirely traditional and have not been changed in any way by new technology, but there are also some new elements of the Christmas season which are the direct result of new technology, particularly the internet. Last week saw what is now referred to as Black Friday, which in simple terms provides retailers with an early opportunity to tempt us into spending money in the lead up to Christmas, by discounting prices. This new phenomena is apparently an American tradition relating to their thanksgiving celebrations, but like many other American traditions it has now been taken up here in Ireland and of course in many other countries around the world. Here at we do not intend to comment on whether this is a good idea or a bad one, but it does appear to be developing into an internet based selling bonanza rather than leading to crowds on the high street, and this raises a whole set of issues regarding internet security and identity theft as well as fake sites. Most of us are probably now well aware of the inherent risks of purchasing goods and services online, but take what we believe to be sensible precautions so that we can take advantage of the convenience of transacting business on the internet. Hopefully we also take similar precautions when dealing with our favourite online casinos and funding our casino games. We have no reason to suppose that any of the online casinos on our recommended list are less than secure in terms of our personal data, and they all have good financial management software to enable us to manage our accounts efficiently. Nevertheless in order to play the casino games featured on these online casino sites we have to deposit money into an account, in much the same way as we must pay for any retail purchases we may make online, and It is how we transfer money into that online casino account that enables us to make an important personal contribution to our online security. All the online casinos on our recommended list offer a wide range of deposit options, all of which are there to make the process as easy as possible for their prospective casino games players and to satisfy as many of their personal requirements as they can. These deposit options include almost every conceivable method of making online payments, ranging from credit and debit cards to pre-paid cards and e-wallets. In Ireland customers of the Paddy Power casino or the Ladbrokes casino can even manage their online casino accounts using cash at any of their high street betting shops. Clearly using cash is probably the safest and most secure deposit option we could choose, but the inconvenience of needing to visit a betting shop to deal in cash makes this method a non-starter for many of us. Of the remaining deposit options open to us the one we will never recommend is using a credit card. For very good reasons many of us automatically reach for a credit card when purchasing goods online, but when it comes to depositing money into an online casino account a credit card is probably the worst option we could choose. First and foremost using a credit card to fund playing casino games online is gambling with borrowed money, and that is never a good idea. A credit card will also cost you extra money if you use it as an online casino deposit option, because the banks are also against you gambling with borrowed money and will apply a surcharge of up to 2% on any credit card transaction involving gambling. They will also charge you interest from day one because they will consider it to be a cash transaction in much the same way as withdrawing funds through an ATM machine. Be aware also that these additional cost may also be incurred when using some debit cards, because of the way they are processed.

In terms of online casino deposits using plastic, the best option is undoubtedly a pre-loaded card such as Paysafe or Ucash. Many of us when travelling abroad now use a pre-loaded currency card to pay our holiday expenses or withdraw foreign currency abroad, and these two pre-loaded cards operate in the same way so that we can transfer funds from our card into our online casino account. Not only is this method of payment safe and secure in terms of protecting our personal data, it also helps us to budget for our time playing casino games because we can choose how much we put on the card each time we load it. Finally we come to the option of using an e-wallet account as an online casino deposit option. The most well-known e-wallet is probably PayPal, but Neteller is also accepted by most online casinos as a suitable deposit option. An e-wallet is simply a separate account similar to our personal bank accounts, which can be used for a variety of internet transactions including online purchases and of course online casino deposits. The primary advantage of using an e-wallet as an online payment method is that the internet site operator has no access to your main bank account details, therefore improving your security from the point of view of your personal financial security. Another equally important aspect of using a separate account of this sort is that your bank is also unaware of what you are using your e-wallet account for, which for many of us is a very welcome bonus. Using a credit card or a debit card as an online casino deposit option or indeed any other online payment increases the risk of your personal financial details being compromised, whereas using a pre-loaded card or an e-wallet means that your main banking details are not in the public domain so are more secure. Setting up an e-wallet account, or applying for a pre-loaded card is not difficult and certainly worth the effort if you value your personal data and privacy.