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The free online casino option has many uses

By admin on 2017-10-10 11:15:10

There is no doubt that one of the most significant benefits we have seen as a result of the availability of online gambling is the huge expansion of choice. In a country such as Ireland where gambling on horse racing was undoubtedly the most popular gambling activity and almost a national obsession in the eyes of many observers, the sports gambling options now offered by the bookmakers’ online gambling sites has had a truly remarkable effect on our gambling habits. Gambling on horse racing or football are probably still the biggest sports gambling activities in Ireland, but the online gambling sites provide easy access to a whole range of other sports not previously featured in our betting shops as well as sporting events from the other side of the world. This increase in choice is even more apparent when it comes to the online casino sector of online gambling. When the leading bookmakers started to add a few casino games to their sites, they created a whole new leisure activity which proved so popular that the online casino sections of their sports gambling sites have grown very rapidly indeed. Not only do most of these original online casinos now have as many as two hundred different casino games for us to choose from, they have been joined by a number of smaller specialised online casinos with even more casino games for us to enjoy. The range of casino games we can now play online is not just measured in numbers however, they also cover a huge variety of different genres from simple slots to the traditional casino games found in real casinos across the world. It is this aspect of the new online casino options which created the demand for what we now call the free online casino option. Even those of us who regularly enjoyed playing traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack in a real casino did not necessarily know how to play some of the other traditional casino games now available at most of the online casinos, because most of our real casinos were limited in floor space and could not offer these games. The online casinos soon identified a need for a learning period for some of these more complex casino games, and as a result almost every online casino now offers a free online casino option on many of their games. Clearly the idea of allowing casino games players to play their games free of charge was a totally new concept in the casino gambling world, and certainly something the real casino owners could not afford to do. The online casinos however have much lower overheads and saw the free online casino option as a way to encourage their customers to try different games and therefore perhaps stay on the site longer. Here at we have always advocated encouraging people to try a whole range of different games, and we are therefore very pleased that the online casinos have all decided to offer the opportunity for their customers to learn new games without risking any money. In reality it really is not that costly for the online casino operators, because although it is quite fun to play a few games free of charge most of us play casino games because of the thrill and risk of playing for real money and will probably quickly move on from the free play mode. Although it was predominantly the newly available traditional casino games which drove the introduction of the free online casino option it has to be said that some of the slots games we can now play online are far more complicated than many of us are used to in our pubs and clubs, and the option for a few free spins is sometimes very welcome to let us find our way around how the game works.

The additional casino games we can now play online but which were rarely available in our real casinos here in Ireland include the game of baccarat. This is a casino game which can found in most real casinos on the continent, but for some reason has obtained a reputation for being an extremely complicated game primarily played by players we often refer to as high rollers. For this reason when baccarat was first introduced on our online casino sites it was not often played. The reality is that baccarat is actually a very easy game to play online because although the rules are a little complicated the players do not need to know those rules. The whole game of baccarat is controlled the dealer or in the case of an online casino, the house. The free online casino option shows us how easy the game of baccarat is to play, because there are only two hands in each game and the player simply needs to predict which of those two hands will win. A tie is possible but most baccarat players will never bet on a tie because it is rare. The other traditional casino game for which the free online casino option has proved very welcome is of course the game of poker. The online casinos all offer a range of different poker formats which can be played against the house in the free play mode, and it is an excellent way to learn the game. Even if you want to play poker seriously on the specialist poker platforms it is advisable to learn the game first, certainly when it comes to a poker format such as Texas Hold’em which uses community cards and entails multiple betting rounds. So far we have welcomed the free play option as a good way to learn how to play new games, but it is also a useful tool in deciding which of the many online casinos offer the best choice of games to suit your taste. Some of the newer specialist online casinos such as CasinoCasino, Casinoland and Instacasino have recognised that potential advantage and offer the free play as the default setting on most of their games.