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The free online casino option is a very important feature

By admin on 2018-02-27 12:12:40

At the risk of repeating ourselves, here at we believe that the primary reason for the success of online gambling is the huge increase in our gambling options. There are very few sports or sporting events for instance that are not featured on the big online sports gambling sites operated by our leading bookmakers, but our increased options are even more obvious when it comes to the online casinos. Ever since the big bookmakers began to expand the scope of their original online sports gambling sites by adding a few of what we now call online casino games to those sites, we have seen the range of different casino games we can play grow almost exponentially. In recent years we have also seen the introduction of a number of new specialist online casino sites which have increased the range of casino games we can play even more. As with many other areas of gaming there appears to be no end to the imagination of the designers of these casino games. Not all of the casino games we can access online needed to be invented of course, there are a number of traditional casino games which have been around for a very long time. However visit any online casino whether it is part of a big online gambling site operated by one of the leading bookmakers or one of the new specialist online casinos, the vast majority of the featured casino games will be slots games in a variety of forms, almost all of which will have been designed by casino software designers. This huge range of online casino games has not only provided us with far more choice, it has also persuaded almost all the site operators to introduce what we believe to be one of the best features of online casino gambling, the free online casino option. The sheer scale of most current online casino games ranges can almost lead to a feeling of total confusion and indecision, and may even cause some people to give up and stop playing. Because of this potential problem, the online casino operators decided to introduce the free online casino option and allow their customers to try many new games without needing to gamble real money. By using this free online casino option we can try a whole range of different games at no risk to our bank balance until we find the games we enjoy most. Clearly this chance to play casino games without the need to stake any money is an option which is only possible at an online casino because the much greater overheads associated with operating a real casino or even a bingo club would make such an option impossible to sustain. The free online casino option is just one of a number of advantages that the online casino operators have over their land based rivals, but it may well be one of the most important factors in their success.

We have already praised the free online casino feature because it allows us to try a whole range of new casino games free of charge, but it is also a useful tool when it comes to learning how to play some casino games. Most slots games are of course relatively easy to learn even though some of the modern slots offer a huge range of options which were never found on the slot machines many of us played in our youth, but some of the more traditional casino games are a different matter entirely. Even playing relatively straightforward traditional casino games such as roulette may be made easier after a few free spins have helped you to find your way round the betting options on the table, but playing poker or backgammon definitely requires a bit of skill and knowledge to be successful. The availability of the free online casino option has also dispelled a few myths about some of the traditional casino games which most of us had never had the opportunity to play. The game of baccarat for example is an old traditional casino game which is very popular on the continent, but rarely available here in Ireland or indeed in the UK. Partly because of that absence from our real casinos, and also a bit of over-glamorisation in a variety of films baccarat has gained a reputation to being a difficult game played only by high rollers. Certainly the rules of baccarat do take a bit of learning, but playing baccarat online does not require any knowledge of those rules at all. The game is controlled by the dealer and all the player needs to do is predict which of just two hands will win. Apart from the rare possibility of a tie it is no more difficult than calling heads or tails on the toss of a coin. Playing backgammon however does require an element of skill when deciding how to move the checkers, and the importance of experience when playing poker is well documented. Both of these traditional casino games are known to favour the experienced player in the long run and potential players therefore definitely benefit from using the free online casino option before risking their money. Almost all the online casinos now offer a free online casino option of a great many of their casino games, but some of the new specialist online casinos have gone one step further and have made free play the default mode for most of their slots games. CasinoCasino, Casinoland and Instacasino all now set the free play option as the default mode when a player clicks onto a new game, and it is then up to the player to choose when to start playing for real money. Clearly the site operators are of the opinion that part of the enjoyment of playing casino games is the excitement of gambling with real money, so they believe that most people will quickly opt to start playing for money rather than playing for just for fun. They are probably right but at least the choice is still there.