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By admin on 2017-11-07 11:39:43

There are several reasons why many of our high streets sometimes appear to be in decline, but the one most often quoted is the effect of the internet and online shopping. There is no doubt that more and more of us are at least browsing the online shopping sites even if we then decide to actually buy the product we are looking for at a high street outlet. In theory a high street shop should have the advantage that their staff can advise us on the technical differences between one product and another, which for many of us is an excellent reason to take the trouble to go into town, but unfortunately not every high street retailer has understood that concept. On the other side of the coin most of the high street shops have considerably higher overheads than an online retailer, which in turn provides them with far less scope to compete on price. The reason we are discussing the advantages and disadvantages of shopping on the high street compared to shopping online, is that similar comparisons can be made when discussing the effects of the introduction of online gambling on our betting shops and real casinos. All of the online sports gambling sites are operated by the leading bookmakers, so the odds quoted online and in their betting shops should be very similar if not identical. As far as sports gambling is concerned therefore the big difference between gambling online or on the high street lies in the range of sports and sporting events which are easily accessible online rather than any monetary issues. This considerable increase in choice is probably even more apparent when it comes to the online casino sector, where the number of casino games we can play has grown enormously since the online casinos were first introduced, and is still growing as more and more online casino sites come on stream. There is however also a financial advantage that the online casinos have over their rivals, and that is the ability to offer their customers the chance to play their casino games for free, through what is commonly known as the free online casino option. In our opinion here at the free online casino option is perhaps one of the most important innovations in the casino gambling world, because it enables casino games players to try new games knowing that they are not risking losing money as they learn. Clearly our real casinos and bingo clubs simply can’t afford to let us play for free, because they have high employment costs and the usual high operating costs associated with maintaining a building. Very few of those costs apply to operating an online casino gambling site once it has been established. The most obvious application of the free play option is when we want to try some of the traditional casino games which have rarely been available in our own casinos. These include games such as backgammon, baccarat and even that American favourite craps, none of which could be played in most of our real casinos because they were usually too small and did not have the floor space for more than roulette and blackjack. Some of these traditional casino games clearly take longer to learn than others. Craps for example is played on a table very similar to a roulette table, so the free online casino option would only be required while a new player gets to know where the betting options can be found on the table. Backgammon on the other hand will certainly take much longer before a new player learns how to move the checkers around the board in the most efficient way. Although backgammon does have a large element of luck because the number of available moves are defined by the throw of the dice, most observers recognise that it is still a game in which the more experienced player is likely to win in the long run.

As for the casino game of baccarat, the most important result of the availability of the free online casino option has been to debunk some of the myths that have built up about the game. Many casinos on the continent feature the game of baccarat in side rooms away from the main floor of the casino, which has led many to assume that it is a game reserved for high rollers. This opinion has been backed up in some ways by baccarat being featured in a couple of Bond movies with very high stakes. Baccarat has also gained a reputation for being extremely complicated, but although the rules of baccarat can be difficult to follow the player dose not actually need to know the rules to play baccarat online. Play baccarat in free play mode and you will quickly discover that all you have to do is bet on one of three possible outcomes of each hand. Only two hands are dealt, one being the dealer’s hand and the other being the player’s hand. All you have to do is choose which of those two hands will win. A tie is the only other possibility, but is rare and rarely backed by serious players.

These traditional casino games are however not the only casino games which benefit from the free play option, many of the new slots games we can now play at most of the online casinos are a far cry from the slot machines we used to play as kids. They can be very complicated at first glance with up to five reels and multiple winning lines on every spin. Some do not even have the spinning reels we are used to, featuring falling blocks instead. We have no doubts that the option to take a few free spins is a very welcome introduction to some of these fast moving casino games and would advise anybody to take advantage of the opportunity to try the games free of charge. Better still try one of the newer online casinos such as CasinoCasino, Casinoland or Instacasino, all of which offer free spins as their default mode when you select the game.