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By admin on 2017-12-05 11:58:11

One of the most important elements in the success of online casinos, and online gambling in general is the huge increase in gambling options provided by the online gambling sites. For sports gambling enthusiasts the online sites operated by the big bookmakers offer a much bigger choice of sports and sporting events than we ever had in our high street betting shops, to the extent that there are now very few sports which are not featured on these internet sites. Even more significant however is the incredible range of casino games we can now play online. When the leading bookmakers decided to expand the gambling options on their online sports gambling sites by introducing a few games, they almost by accident started a whole new online gambling sector which we now refer to as online casino gambling. The idea was so successful that those first sites expanded very rapidly indeed and most of them were offering well over a hundred different games within months of launching as an online casino site. Since then we have seen more and more specialist online casinos come on stream, offering an even wider choice of casino games for us to enjoy. Clearly a large number of people starting to investigate the idea of playing casino games online had never actually been to a real casino and were therefore novices as far as many of the more traditional casino games were concerned. The online casino operators however were very aware of that and decided that they could encourage us to try these new games by allowing us to play them free of charge for a period of time in what we now call the free online casino mode. Almost everybody who started playing traditional casino games at a real casino will have lost money at some time due to ignorance or over enthusiasm, but the operating costs associated with managing a real casino are such that allowing their customers to learn a game without gambling any money was just not possible. Operating an online casino however does not entail the massive overheads associated with employing dealers and bar staff, or servicing a building, which is why they are able to allow us to play for very small stakes and even free of charge. Here at we think that it is very possible that without the free online casino option many of the new casino games players would not have continued to play and enjoy the range of games on offer. Some traditional casino games are of course easier to learn than others, but even relatively simple games such as roulette can be more enjoyable when you have more experience of how not to overdo the multiple betting options associated with the game. The same applies to one of America’s favourite traditional casino games, the game of craps. Once again it is easy to get carried away with the range of betting options on the table, so a short spell of playing the game in the free online casino mode is certain to be helpful. The free play option has also been responsible for dispelling some of the myths surrounding some traditional casino games. The game of baccarat for example has somehow established a reputation for being a very difficult game to play and for being a game only played by high rollers for very high stakes. Part of the reason for this is the fact that baccarat is often played in separate rooms away from the main floor of the casino, thus inevitably creating a bit of an air of mystery, and this has been further accentuated by how it has been featured in some films such as the Bond films. In fact just a few hands of baccarat at an online casino in the free play mode will be enough to convince you that baccarat is one of the easiest casino games to play.

The free online casino option has proved to be a very popular element in the development of the online casino sector, not least in encouraging us to try a much wider range of games. We have already discussed how it has been a useful tool for learning and enjoying many of the relatively easy traditional casino games, but there is one traditional casino game which has benefitted more than any others since the introduction of online casino gambling, and that is the game of poker. There are now more people playing poker online than ever before, and many of them have learnt the game by using the free online casino option without risking big losses while they learn. Poker, particularly the more complicated versions of the game such as Texas Hold’em is a casino game that definitely benefits from experience. Most experts agree that the more experienced players will usually come out on top at the end of the day, so as much experience as you can get through playing online against the house will definitely improve your chances of winning. Don’t try to learn how to play poker on a specialist online poker platform, get the experience you need at an online casino and use the free play option as much as possible. So far we have concentrated on how the free online casino option has enabled us to learn how to play the traditional casino games, but the vast majority of the games featured on all the online casinos are slots games in various forms and almost all of us have all played on the slot machines at some time in our lives. However most of the slots games we can play online are very different to those we find in our pubs and clubs, with as many as five reels and multiple winning lines on every spin. Taking advantage of a few free spins definitely helps to become accustomed to all the options associated with these games, but it is also good fun to try a few different games in the free play mode before choosing your favourite game to play for money.