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Casino software companies are the source of most online casino games

By admin on 2018-02-03 13:29:16

It is becoming increasingly common to read headlines in our newspapers and online referring to the imminent arrival of sophisticated artificial intelligence which will replace many of the jobs we do today. Whether those predictions turn out to be true or not there is no doubt that the technology is advancing very quickly indeed, and many observers are already calling it a new industrial revolution. No doubt when the time comes for the general public to embrace the consequences of this new technology, most of us will do so in much the same way as we have accepted the impact of personal computers and the internet on our lives. For many of us the first thoughts we have when talking about artificial intelligence probably involve visions of robots in one form or another, and we can all marvel at what the engineers are now able to achieve in this area, but as with almost every other field of computer technology the software is at least as important as the hardware. Everything relating to computer technology requires some form of software to make it work, and every internet website also depends on the work of a software designer for it to be in any way useful. When it comes to online casino websites, the casino software has an even more important role in the success of the site because almost all of the site content is also dependent on the casino software supplier. When the leading bookmakers first decided to invest in online gambling they concentrated on providing their sports gambling customers with the opportunity to place their bets online, so the necessary software was very similar to that used by the big high street retailers to manage their sites. The most important requirement of this sort of software is clearly to provide a safe and secure environment for any financial transactions on the site, but when the online sports gambling site operators then went on to the idea of introducing a range of casino games onto their sites they needed a totally different form of software. This requirement then led to a whole new business sector being established, with some new casino software companies rapidly becoming so powerful in this new online casino business sector that they began to compete with the site operators in terms of value on the stock exchange. The product offered by any online casino site is of course the range of casino games they feature, and almost all of those games are supplied by the casino software company the site operator has chosen to use. Even the traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack, which clearly do not need any inventive input are still dependent on the skill of the casino software designers to supply the graphics necessary to enable the games to appeal to players online. The biggest input from the online casino software designers is however to be found in the huge range of slots games featured on almost every online casino site. Almost all of these games have been designed and supplied by the casino software companies, which is why the choice of casino software supplier is more important to the success of any online casino site than almost any other factor.

The most dominant casino software supplier is undoubtedly Playtech, currently supplying casino games to Bet365, Betfred, William Hill and more recently also Ladbrokes. Playtech was established in 1999 and began to supply online casino software in 2001. Their main advantages over their rivals were the licensing agreements they negotiated first with Paramount Pictures and later with Marvel entertainment. These agreements allowed Playtech to use film and comic book characters as themes for their slots games and therefore provided them with the opportunity to offer more interesting games to the online casino operators. Playtech were also the first casino software company to enable live screening of casino games from a studio to our screens. Ireland’s most popular bookmaker is of course Paddy Power, and when Paddy Power began to introduce casino games on their online sports gambling site they chose to feature games supplied by a casino software company called Wagerworks. Originally a slot machine manufacturer and therefore with some experience of the land based casino business, Wagerworks is now a totally independent company concentrating solely of providing casino software and casino games to the online casino sector. Some of their slots games can also be found at Bet365 and 888 casino. The other increasingly popular online casino site primarily based in Ireland is the All Irish casino. In this case the casino software supplier is a Swedish company by the name of NetEntertainment. NetEnt software is very well known in Scandanavia, but to date the only online casino on our recommended list to offer their slots games is the All Irish casino. One thing we should say however is that the quality of the graphics supplied by NetEnt is second to none. Other major casino software companies supplying software and casino games to online casinos featured on our recommended list include Microgaming and Chartwell Technology, both of which are well respected throughout the online casino sector. In the early days most online casino operators tended to use just one casino software supplier, but nowadays the trend is towards featuring games from a number of different suppliers. In fact several of the newer specialised online casino sites such as CasinoLand, Yako casino and Instacasino all use the fact that they feature casino games from a number of different suppliers as their main marketing point. Although most of the slots games featured on the online casino sites were specifically designed to be played online, CasinoCasino now offer a range of slots games from Amatic Industries, a world famous slot machine manufacturer who’s games have become almost iconic in the eyes of many slot machine enthusiasts. The opportunity to play these famous games online for the first time will undoubtedly prove a very welcome addition to the online casino sector in Ireland, and we congratulate CasinoCasino for making it available.