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Remember some online casino deposit options are better than others

By admin on 2018-04-20 10:52:47

There are many things about the internet that are absolutely fantastic, but there are other elements which may not be so good. Clearly the well recorded misuse of social media sites to troll innocent individuals is one example of the downsides of being able to communicate online, but there are also other dangers most notably when it comes to financial transactions on the internet. We are all constantly being warned to take every precaution when dealing with any internet site on which we are asked to provide personal banking details, but the convenience of being able to transact business online usually tends nowadays to outweigh the potential risk. There are however still things we can do to ensure we do not become a victim of fraud or even perhaps less obvious, overcharging. Visitors to are clearly interested in starting to play casino games at an online casino, so that is the online sector we should concentrate on. The first step is of course to select one or more suitable online casino sites on which to play casino games, which is where our list of recommended online casinos becomes invaluable. We have chosen the online casinos on our list first of all for the systems they use to ensure our safety and security, and secondly for the range of casino games they offer for our enjoyment. Next we have to open an account with our chosen online casino and transfer a sum of money into that account so that we can play the games. Every online casino on our recommended list offers a wide range of deposit options for us to choose from, but it has to be said that some of those options are better than others. When we are buying something online most of us would nowadays choose to use a credit card because of the built-in insurance element offered by the banks, and every online casino also includes most of the popular credit cards on their list of acceptable deposit options and it would be easy to assume that a credit card remains the best choice for an internet transaction. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons that is not true when it comes to putting money into an online casino account. The first and most obvious reason is that using a credit card as an online casino deposit option is effectively gambling with borrowed money even if you religiously pay off the whole balance at the end of the month. Then we come to the main reason why many of us choose to use a credit card for online purchases, the insurance element. This is of course totally irrelevant when it comes to transferring money to an online casino so that we can play casino games. No bank is going to insure against us losing money when gambling on playing online casino games, which brings us nicely to what may even be the most important reason not to use a credit card as a deposit option. In spite of the well documented financial gambling which was prevalent in the business model of almost all the major banks before the crash, they all take great exception to any gambling by their customers, particularly if it involves their credit cards. Any credit card transaction involving gambling will almost certainly be subject to a surcharge of up to 2% of the total involved. Such a transaction is also defined as a cash transaction equivalent to withdrawing money from a cash machine, and as such will be subject to interest charges from day one. These additional charges not only ensure that you start playing your favourite casino games already in the red, they are totally unnecessary because there are far better deposit options available.

Before we go on to the deposit options which do not attract additional charges, we should point out that some Irish bank account holders may also find themselves being subjected to a surcharge even if they are using a debit cards as an online casino deposit option. Almost every online casino lists a selection of what are known as e-wallets among their acceptable deposit options, and for those who perhaps don’t recognise the term the best known e-wallet is probably PayPal. An e-wallet is a separate bank account which can be used for a variety of internet transactions including of course depositing money into an online casino account. Not only does selecting an e-wallet as an online casino deposit option ensure that you will not be subject to any additional charges, your bank will not even know what you are using your e-wallet to do. Furthermore the online casino operator will not have access to your primary bank account details, which therefore provides much greater personal security. As we have already said we have no reason to doubt the security arrangements of any of the online casinos on our recommended list, but choosing to use an e-wallet account from which to fund playing online casino games adds another layer of security at no additional cost. There are of course also a number of different ways to fund an e-wallet account, including a credit card if that is your only option. Certainly using a credit card to fund an e-wallet account protects you from the bank’s surcharges, but it is still gambling with borrowed money which is never a good idea. There is another online casino deposit option available at most online casino sites, and that is the pre-loaded card. The two pre-loaded cards most commonly found in the list of acceptable deposit options offered by the online casinos on our list are PaySafe and Ucash. These cards can be used in much the same way as many of us use a pre-loaded currency card when travelling abroad on holiday. You simply transfer the sum of money you intend to use to provide the stake money for the casino games you wish to play onto your card, and then register that card with the online casino. Using a pre-loaded card as an online casino deposit option also helps to control your gambling budget because you can only use what is on the card.