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All online casinos now offer a Live casino option

By admin on 2015-09-15 09:35:45

The online casinos have undoubtedly increased the number of people regularly playing casino games and many of these new casino games players have never even visited a real casino in their lives. It is unlikely therefore that they are aware of the criticisms that the online casinos faced in the early days of their introduction. Most of the online casino games players in the early days already played casino games such as roulette and blackjack at a real casino, and were eager to take advantage of the huge range of different casino games which were suddenly available at the online casinos. For some however playing casino games alone at an online casino quickly became less attractive than the hustle and bustle of a real casino, and of course there were also the concerns relating to the roulette wheel graphics. It has to be said though that the online casinos responded very quickly to address these potential problems, and the Live casino option was born. Initially the Live casino option was always streamed from a studio somewhere in Eastern Europe, but it did feature real dealers and a real roulette wheel and went some way to satisfying many people. Since then all the major online casinos now offer a Live casino option on a few of the traditional casino games, and although most are still streamed from a studio it is often now possible to communicate with the dealers as you would in a real casino. Interestingly the All Irish casino has now gone one step further in the attempt to replicate the experience of playing casino games at a real casino by actually streaming their Live casino option direct from a real casino in Malta. There are a few drawbacks associated with playing online casino games in the Live casino mode, such as the higher minimum table stake and the restricted time to place your bets, but it is great fun.