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A successful online casino is dependent on the best casino software

By admin on 2019-03-02 16:04:12

Many people would argue that the advances in computer technology we have seen over the last twenty years or so is the nearest we have come to a second industrial revolution in terms of the effect it has had on our daily lives. Even if we ignore how the huge advances in robotics is changing our manufacturing industry, we all now rely on our PC’s, laptops, tablets and mobile phones to help us manage our working lives and even our leisure time, but many of us give a second thought to what makes these devices tick. None of our favourite devices would be effective without the appropriate operating software which makes them effective. We all recognise operating software such as the Windows system supplied by Microsoft, but do we ever give a second thought to the software behind all the internet sites we visit almost every day. It is reasonable to assume for instance that anyone reading this article is likely to be interested in playing casino games at an online casino, but online casinos in common with all online retail sites need to be able to interact with their customers and effectively process financial transactions, all of which requires efficient operating software for it to work. When it comes to the software systems required to operate an online casino however the specialist casino software designers have an even more important input than simply managing the site securely and efficiently, they are also responsible for most of the casino games featured on every online casino site. Unlike an internet retail site on which the range of products the operators are attempting to sell only need to be presented in an attractive way, the products being offered on an online casino site are casino games, the vast majority of which are slots games in various forms all of which have been designed and supplied by the specialist casino software companies. It is only the traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker where there is any similarity between the software required to operate an online casino and that required for an online retail site. For traditional casino games like these the only priority for the software designers is to provide attractive and easily navigated graphics, but almost every other type of online casino game is conceived and supplied by one or more of the specialist casino software companies which have flourished along with the increasing popularity of playing casino games online.

Some of these online casino software companies are now almost as big as the online gambling companies they supply, such is their importance to the online casino gambling sector. When the big bookmakers first introduced their online gambling sites they were primarily targeted towards the sports gambling enthusiasts, but they soon wanted to add a few games to those sites and that is when the software necessary to operate an online casino became very different to that required in almost any other online sector and when specialist casino software companies became so important. Playtech for instance is now one of the most important companies in the online gambling sector, and that is almost entirely due to the casino slots games they were able to supply. Founded in 1999 Playtech agreed their first deal with an online casino operator in 2001, but it was the licensing agreements they signed in 2008/09 with Paramount Digital Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment which really allowed them to become one of the leading casino software suppliers in the world. Those agreements allowed Playtech to create slots games using famous film and comic book characters, which gave them a considerable edge over their rivals at the time. Betfred, William Hill and more recently Ladbrokes all still feature slots games supplied by Playtech on their online casino sites.

Ireland’s favourite bookmaker, Paddy Power on the other hand started their online casino site using software supplied by a company called Wagerworks, and they still use them for both their operating software and most of their casino slots games. Wagerworks was originally a subsidiary of the slot machine manufacturer Silicon Gaming, and although it is now a totally independent online casino software company they still benefit from their experience with real slot machines. Many of their slots games can also be found on the 888 casino site. Another major casino software company is Chartwell Technology Inc., a Canadian company originally registered in 1998 in Toronto but now with employees in London Malta and Singapore. Of the online casinos on our recommended list Bwin are the online site which offers slots games primarily supplied by Chartwell, but Chartwell have also recently signed a licensing agreement with Betfair, the betting exchange operator. During the early days in the development of online casinos they were nearly all set up and operated by the big bookmakers as add-ons to their online sports gambling sites, and most of them tended to use just one casino software supplier for all their requirements. The recent introduction of smaller specialist online casino sites has however changed that approach. Online casinos such as CasinoLand, Yako and Instacasino all now feature a range of casino slots games from a variety of different software companies and no longer focus primarily on games from just one supplier. Slots games from another of the big casino software companies, Microgaming for instance can be found on all of these sites but not exclusively. We have often commented that many of the slots games we can now access on the online casino sites have little in common with the games we are used to playing on the slot machines in our pubs and clubs, but we now have one online casino, the CasinoCasino site which has chosen to concentrate of providing access to some of the most iconic slots machine games. Most serious slot machine enthusiasts will have fond memories of the famous slots games played on the machines made by Amatic Industries, and many of these games have now been reproduced on the CasinoCassino site for the first time online.